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All you Need to Know About the WeFit App — A Comprehensive Guide for Everyone

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Updated 17-06-2019

Millions of people across the globe are getting out of shape every day. And a significant amount of these folks genuinely want to transform their body and get into a toned body shape.

Let's face it; no one wants to be out of shape. Some folks are out of shape due to the inability to find a gym close-by.

In Vietnam, thousands of people take health supplements, natural herbs, and lots of other remedies to cut down on excess body weight.

Others, however, get a gym membership for a thorough, regular bodybuilding routine.

WeFit is a mobile app designed to provide a fresh fitness experience for folks who are living or visiting Vietnam.

Whether you're looking for the best gyms to perform basic body exercises like push-ups or you need the best training facility for a more robust compound exercise, the WeFit mobile application is the ideal fit for you.

Here's how the mobile app works…

When you sign up, you will get prompts and notifications that would help you locate a good gym in your locality. This way, you get to see the best facilities by merely taping on your mobile screen.

Whether you're a yoga enthusiast or someone who prefer other exercise routines like boxing and Zumba, WeFit helps to provide the best fitness experience.

You can easily find the right gym facilities for your fitness needs.

What's more, booking a training schedule with the mobile app is pretty straightforward — by a simple tap on your smartphone screen, you'd be able to schedule a training time.

Other benefits of using the WeFit mobile app are:

Variety of Activities

Over thirty fitness categories are available in the mobile app. You can explore a variety of exercise routines to get the ideal fit for you.

Good Coverage

Most times, people find it pretty hard to find the best gym closest to them.

With the WeFit app, you'd get access to over 700 training centers — that's a large number of fitness centers to choose from, and you're sure of identifying the right fit for you.

Flexible Schedule Plans

Busy folks find it hard to create time for the gym. This is partly due to their tight schedule or lots of career or business related activities that occupy their time.

With the WeFit mobile app, you'd get access to over 5000 fitness classes. This way, you'd be able to design the best schedule that would fit your busy schedule.

Exciting Workout Routines

Although not frequently talked about, boredom is an issue in the fitness world.

Most fitness enthusiasts tend to hit a plateau pretty early. But with dozens of fitness activities like boxing, Zumba, dancing, and yoga, getting bored would be practically impossible.

Furthermore, the WeFit mobile app is more than just a practice app where you discover the best gyms; it's an app that delivers the best fitness experience directly into your mobile app.

Here's the thing, there's a post-training session available on the app. The post-training sessions provide a comprehensive list of thrilling activities like bowling, archery, indoor climbing, and beauty services.

WeFit — How to Get Started

Navigating through the user-friendly interface is pretty simple — and to get started, all you've got to do is:

  • Install the mobile app
  • Book a schedule
  • Have a thorough exercise routine.


The WeFit app is available in the Google PlayStore and Apple Store.

Android and iOS devices support it.

Conclusion — Have a Comprehensive Fitness Routine With WeFit

Registering with the best gyms and having regular fitness routine is made easy with WeFit.

The app is designed to deliver a list of fitness facilities into your mobile device. This way, you'd choose the ideal fitness facilities from the comfort of your home.

What's more, you can also register for a fascinating post training session.

The intuitive interface is designed to provide the best user experience.

Install the WeFit app today for a healthy exercise routine.

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