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Temp Mail APK Mod

by admin
Author Privatix Limited
Category Communication
Version 1.95
File Size 8.6M
Os 4.1
Updated 28-02-2020

Download Temp Mail 1.76 MOD APK and leave behind the hectic of temporary emails that are bugging you. The extremely helpful features will reduce your workload positively.

Pinpoint Analysis of Temp Mail

With the help of Temp Mail or Temporary Disposable Email, you can generate your disposable email id.

It helps you to receive and send emails along with attachments just like regular email id.

You can use disposable email id to work temporarily and then destroy it later once you are done with your work.

Crispy helpful features

If you want to hide from spam emails, Temp Mail is one helpful app that you must be looking for.

The app requires no registration. You can simply launch and generate your disposable email temporarily.

Not only you can send and receive emails, but you can also send and receive attachment via emails.

Easy to use interface

The easy interface is something that every user looks for. Temp Mail is one app that lives up to users' expectations.

You can generate a new temporary email instantly, and start receiving and sending emails in no time.

Apart from that, the free version of Temp Mail 1.76 offers some more exciting features to their users:

Push notifications. The free version notifies users of new emails via push notifications so that they do not get left behind and their workflow is consistent and smooth all the time.

Delete and/or generate new email addresses. The app not only allows users to generate temporary email addresses, but it also allows them to delete the existing email id and generate new ones quickly.

Premium version with premium features

Premium features are sure to offer a premium experience, so here are some of the premium features that you will get on spending money on the Temp Mail 1.76 app.

Custom email names. You can now customize your email names, so that you do not have to go with the default ones, making you sound more professional.

Multiple email inbox. Everyone has one inbox, but only premium and pro users get to have multiple inboxes in their email id account.

No advertisements. Of course, paying for the app makes it advertisement-free; hence there are no annoying ads in the premium version.

MOD APK Features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Generate multiple email addresses and dispose of them when done.
  • No registration needed.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Push notifications for immediate actions.


Temp Mail 1.76 MOD APK is sure to help you in your difficult times when you want to have a temporary email address for any purpose. It allows you to generate temporary email addresses and dispose of them once its purpose is over. You do not have to worry about the stacking of multiple real email addresses under your name now.

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