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Comprehensive Review on Clean Master: Space Cleaner & Antivirus

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Updated 14-06-2019

Almost everyone in the world has a smartphone or an Android device. These smartphones function like portable computers that can be used on the go.

Although portable computers are much different from smartphones, they share one feature — storage memory.

Devices with storage memory have to be cleaned regularly — and that's where Clean Master comes into play.

If you're using an Android device or a smartphone, you'd have to clean your device to free up more storage space.

Let's face; it quite easy to leave those junks that clutter up in your phone.

Junks like old files, adware, spyware, and old programs can cause lots of damages to your mobile device.

To curb this issue, you'd need the Clean Master.

With over millions of download across the globe, Clean Master is one of the best junk-cleaning apps for your device.

Unlike other junk-cleaning apps, Clean Master is pretty good at freeing the storage space without impeding the system performance or draining the battery life of your device.

Pretty cool! Isn't it?

What's more, Clean Master offers basic anti-virus functionalities.

Other cool features that make the Clean Master a good investment is the file cleaning capabilities, App manager, AppLock, and Memory cleaning.

Phone Boost and File Cleaning

Clean Master enhances CPU and RAM use by speeding up the mobile device.

The cleaning process is quite simple — with one click, you'd be able to clear the cache files, erase irrelevant data and history, and also enhance the security of your device.

Aside from the phone boosting capability and file cleaning, you also have the option of using the Antivirus, Notification cleaner, and Battery Saver features.


Restricting access to some phone apps would help you exercise considerable control over your mobile device. The AppLock helps you to limit access to certain apps on your phone.

With the AppLock, you'd be able to restrict free access to mobile apps like Gmail, WhatsApp, Gallery, games, Facebook, and lots of other apps.

It's a great feature that lets you monitor access to your apps and also enforce parental control in your mobile devices.

Safe Lock Screen

The Safe Lock Screen helps you to manage the way people access your phone.

Safe Lock Screen takes an auto snapshot of the people who want to access your phone. This way, you'd get to know those who wish to gain unauthorized access to your phone.

Wi-Fi Security

Clean Master is built with a VPN to provide adequate security against hacking and other fraudulent access.

With VPN, you'd get a secure, encrypted tunnel to your server. This will, in turn, provide privacy and security for your Wi-Fi connection.

Private Photo Vault

The private photo vault is a cool feature to help you encrypt and hide your photos. It's the perfect way to restrict access to your photos.

With this feature, phone photos are made accessible to only you.

Ways to get the most out of the Clean Master

Clean Master is an easy app to use, but to get the most out of the space cleaning app; you've got to:

Use the app when your data is on. Using the app when your data is on improves the app's efficiency.

Go through the notification for updates. This way, you'd be sure that the Clean Master is in perfect condition and 100% condition is maintained.

Clean Master — Why Should you Use it?

Clean Master is designed with a great UI. With the intuitive interface, newbies can use the app to clean and protect their Android devices.

Conclusion — Clean and Protect Your Android Devices With Clean Master

Protecting your Android device and getting it cleaned is pretty easy with Clean Master.

The app boost phone performance, prevents unauthorized access to your phone, provides Wi-Fi security, and can be used to get rid of junk files from your smartphones.

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