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AVG Cleaner Pro APK Mod

by admin
Author AVG Mobile
Category Productivity
Version 4.22.0
File Size 12M
Os 5.0
Updated 16-05-2020

Download AVG Cleaner Pro Apk for thorough cleanups on your android devices. Third-party apps installed consume lots of space, prompting the need for frequent optimizing.

AVG Cleaner Stunning Review

Just like other cleaning applications, AVG Cleaner allows android users to experience optimized systems from junk files. Deleting any unwanted information with the app requires pushing a simple button and boom! You have a cleaner system. That said, all your essential files and apps are scanned twice to ensure nothing is left behind to cause any lag in your phone.

Besides, it helps in scanning large applications consuming unnecessary space, and you get to decide whether to delete or store them in a safe folder. Most importantly, the app comes with lots of other useful tools that help you in using your phone more conveniently and effectively.

AVG Cleaner Key Features

The application fetches a diverse collection of tools to help you manage junk files and removing cache file to boost your device speed

Instant Cleaning – One of the most efficient features of the app is the fast cleaning of junk files and cache. Once you get into your device, it runs several scans and gives you a report on what needs to go. On pressing the cleaning button, the AVG Cleaner cleans your device instantly and thoroughly optimizing its performance.

Gallery Optimizing – Galleries are one of the biggest folders in phones and tablets. As such, they fall victim to causing a delay in your device. However, the cleaning comes in handy as it scans the file gives you a list of images that need to be deleted. Besides, the app reveals low-quality photos that need editing.

Registry Cleaner - Unused registries in android devices tend to create problems for other apps, and AVG Cleaner comes in handy to launch an optimizing exercise for all unwanted apps.

App Manager - The application is essential in optimizing the RAM in all devices. To achieve this, it freezes all idle apps to get more space, making it an efficient app manager.

Battery Optimizer - Battery optimizing is further enhanced by the app is it always monitors that consume more power and those that need to be shutdown. As a result, you get longer battery life with your device.

Download AVG Cleaner Pro Mod Apk

The new version of the app brings more premium features at no extra cost. Besides, you get a lighter version for smaller devices to accommodate all users and better phone cleaning without causing more delays.

AVG Cleaner Mod Features

  • Unlimited free premium features
  • Ad-free
  • Allows app freezing for unused apps
  • Better optimized graphics


AVG Cleaner Mod is your most reliable phone cleaning up you will ever get. Besides, it helps in managing other apps and optimizing your battery for a better user experience.

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