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GTA V – Experience the Toughest Gameplay

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GTA V is developed in the year 2013, by Rockstar North as well as published in that year by Rockstar Games.

The online video game was first released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in September. In the year 2014, November the video game was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In 2015, April it was released for Microsoft Windows. The adventure-packed video game has entered the grand Auto theft series first in the year 2008. The game is location-based and has many weapons to play with.

You can play the game in a group as it has three protagonists. GTA 5 is available to provide you the adventure on your device.

Features Of GTA 5

Some exciting features are introduced in newly released GTA V gameplay. The fans of the Grand Theft Auto series are very excited after watching the trailer footage of GTA 5. There are many features associated with the new GTA V game. Go to GTA 5 to explore the new features.
You Can Choose Your Plans, Methods, And Crew With GTA 5
The new feature of GTA 5 made the fans quite loud as the elements allow the players to make individual plans and to choose the plot for the mission. Previously GTA 4 has restricted some actions for the players. The new GTA 5 enables the players to perform the steps on their own with no restriction.

The Location Looks Amazing

This time GTA 5 provides amazing places indestructible environment. The crumbled wall when armor car is smashed, the destruction looks gives the idea that GTA 5 this time upped the looks game effectively. Click on GTA 5 for the ultimate gaming experience.

Protagonists Of The Game

GTA 5 game has three protagonists in it, with the new feature; the player can jump between the protagonists. When you are not in the mission, you can jump between the conspirators. The feature makes the game more enjoyable for the players as they can jump between settings and lives to explore. Additionally, the players can switch in the middle of the mission.
You Can Hunt Outside The Metropolis
With this new feature of GTA 5, you can go outside of metropolis if you crave for hunting. Moreover, to explore the wilderness with a video game, it is a perfect game to play. Get into GTA 5 to have exciting gaming experience.

Enhanced Driving Experience

Previously the driving of GTA 4 was way sloppier as well as has awkward steering. The new GTA 5 feature ensures better driving, claims the developer of the video game. You can experience a spectacular driving with GTA 5.

A Wide Range Of Planes Are Available

The players are flying planes before in GTA series, but this time players can avail a wide range of aircraft. Additionally, the multiplayer player setting is associated with these planes in GTA 5 with military places. Vast collections of helicopters and aircraft are available in the new version of GTA.

Variety Of Games Can Be Accessed

With this new feature, you can access the non-violent part of GTA 5. The latest version is stuffed with some other games such as cycling, tennis, and golf. You can enjoy different games without leaving the game and relax. If you want to take a break from the noise of the game, you can access to other sports and enjoy the non-violent games.
Availability Of Customization
Now the new version has several customizations associated with it. You can spend your cash on cars and clothes. There are many fun ways to customize the wheels, clothes along with paints. Now you don’t have to limit within the boring track pants and suit.

New Ways To Select Weapons

The latest version of provides improved shooting mechanics. Also, the player can switch the weapons quickly. The shooting is made smoother and more comfortable in this version of GTA. Picking weapons in the previous version of GTA was frustrating.

Bounty Hunting

There is the scope of earning some extra cash through bounty hunter. Playing the bounty hunter can get you to cash in the new version. The latest version ensures a fun packed experience for its players.
The features of GTA 5 look promising for the players of GTA series. The Rockstar games have upped the level of GTA series by releasing GTA 5.

Events of GTA

During the event period, the price of the contents (old and new) has been reduced by 25 percent. Weekly events are released after the update of GTA. During events, discount can be availed by on the newly updated vehicles. There are also holiday events. The re-release of the contents occurred during this period. The holiday events include festive surprise, Halloween surprise, valentines’ special, etc.
Special events have been hosted for celebrating the new updates. The contest for GTA online bounces has slashed prices of properties, vehicle, and clothing by 89 percent. In the year 2017, it has celebrated Halloween for four years completion of GTA online.

Updates of GTA series

Latest GTA VI is the most awaited update of GTA series. The Rockstar Games has not revealed the date of release yet. If reports to be believed, there could be a surprise for the fans of GTA. The big announcement supposed to be made at E3, 2019. It has already been many years after the release of the original GTA 5 series.
The online video game is trendy among people all over the world. The action-adventure video game achieved some significant milestones in these years. About a hundred million copies of GTA video game has sold yet. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of GTA has been discontinued now after the release of the new version. GTA V  for PC is now sold at $14.99, the zero-charge version will be released very soon.

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