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8 Minecraft Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Minecraft is the game where your imagination is the only limit. You can build, create, and craft almost anything you want to. At the moment, Minecraft is the best-selling video games of all time. They have already sold over 176 million copies and the number is going up daily. So, if your question is if Minecraft free or not. Then the answer would be ‘NO’. You have to buy it. This game is available on almost all of the major gaming platforms.

For instance, there is a mobile version of this game which is known as Minecraft (Minecraft: Pocket Edition). If you are an android user, you can install it from Play store or you can download Minecraft APK from the web manually and install it. And, if you are new to this game, then chances are you might be wondering where to start or how to improve faster.

Fortunately, we have got the best thing for you today. In today’s post, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks about Minecraft pocket edition. And, the best thing is that these tips are for the absolute beginners.

So, let’s get down to business…

Survival Mode or Creative Mode?

On Minecraft’s latest version, you might see a number of game modes available. However, primarily, there are 2 game modes in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. One is Creative Mode and the other one is Survival Mode.

And, as these are the main ones, we will especially share our thoughts about them here. Both of these game modes are pretty different from each other. And, you might prefer one over the other. The choice really varies from person to person.

The ‘Survival Mode’ comes with a lot of challenges. For instance, you will start from zero. There will be limited resources. You will need to work your way up in this mode. Everything needs to be harvested. There will be both day and night period. And, you will get attacked by monsters and mobs at night in this mode. That means you will take damage in the process. So, if you are into challenges then the Survival Mode is the best fit for you.

As the name suggests, the Creative Mode will give you the ability to create and craft your own world without any limitations. You can also easily destroy what you have created. There will be no damage and you will be given unlimited supply of all inventory. Also, there will not be any mobs or monsters in this mode. So, you won’t get attacked. On top of all this, you can also fly in this mode. That’s cool, isn’t it? So, if you are into creating new worlds, then this is the perfect game mode for you.

Harvest Wood Whenever Possible:

If you are in the Survival mode, then your priority should be on harvesting wood. This will come in handy anytime. So, how do you harvest wood? It’s just a piece of cake, really. First, you will need to find a tree and then you will need to punch it over and over.

After several punches, a wood block will appear. Now, you just have to pick it up by walking over it. Oh and don’t forget to punch the whole tree. Harvesting wood would be very useful later, so do it frequently.

Gather other Resources as well:

In Survival mode, there’s no loss in gathering different resources whenever you can. It can be any resources you find, that doesn’t have to be only wood. However, wood should be the primary target of yours. Then you can gather sand, stone, coal and even foods etc. if possible.

Get ready to tackle the Mobs and Monsters:

Mobs and monsters are a vital part of the survival mode. They will show up at night and you need to get ready to survive against them. But, how? You can build a house and you will be safe. But, I know it is very hard to build a house quickly for the new players.

Luckily, there’s another way. You can create a safe place for you, instead. And, that is by digging a cave in the stones on which you can hide. Another important resource to keep the monsters and mobs away is light/fire. So, gather some torches and place them around your cave. This will help you to get rid of the mobs and monsters.

Build a House:

Yes, building a house in the first days is difficult. But, you can’t hide in a cave forever. So, you need to build a house as soon as possible. To build a house, you will need different resources. So, gather enough to build your house as fast as possible. And, your chance of surviving will increase by miles.

Craft the Necessary Tools:

After building your house, you should start to gather resources to craft new tools. The first thing you should craft is a crafting table. That way, you can craft bigger items like a bow or pickaxe without any problem. Then you can start to craft chests, torches, furnaces, swords, and bows etc. There is no problem which tool you want to craft first but the important thing here is to start crafting fast.

To know the recipes of crafting a tool, you can take a look at the crafting window. If you see a recipe which is clearly visible, then the ingredients for that recipe is available to you. And, if the recipe is darkened out then you don’t have enough ingredients yet for that specific recipe.

Be careful while digging:

I know, nobody can resist digging on Minecraft. It’s fun. However, digging a whole without enough preparation can get you into trouble. For instance, if you dig recklessly, you might not be able to climb back out. The trick here is to dig a wide tunnel, so you won’t dig deep. Also, for emergency cases, you should keep a few sticks with you. Also, a torch can make it easy to get out of the pit easily.

So, keep the torches with you as well. Here’s another thing, be very alerted for monsters, they can come out of the dungeons and caves while you are digging. And, don’t forget to collect as many resources as you can while you are doing all this.

Don’t want to face Mobs and Monsters?

If you want to play the Survival mode but want to avoid the mobs and monsters, there is a way. You need to navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu of the game and bring the ‘Difficulty’ slider to the most left. It will switch on the ‘Peaceful Mode’. In this mode, all the fun and cool features of the survival mode will be available except the mean mobs and monsters. It’s that easy!

Before we go:

The possibilities are limitless in Minecraft. You can create whatever you want. There are Minecraft skins, Minecraft mods, and even Minecraft Maps as well. These can be used to customize the gameplay as you like. So, use your imagination and be creative. The most important thing about playing any game is to have fun. So, at the end of the day, make sure that you have had fun playing the game.

And, we hope that our tips and tricks above will come in handy for you. By following these simple but effective tips, you will be able to fight the monsters and build your own dream world. We believe these will make your journey a little bit easier if you are just beginning to play Minecraft Pocket Edition on your smart device. And, don’t forget to let us know if you have any tips for the new Minecraft players.

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