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Best Money-Making Tips in GTA V

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Considering the facts that for a player, the maximum amount of money you can earn is $2,147,483,647 in the game.

Read this guide to know all the quick and easy ways to make money in GTA V. Importantly, money making in GTA V can be done through these 4 methods:


Robberies can be of several types: armored car robberies, ATM robberies, Ammu-Nation store robbery, or any robbery at some other store.

The most common type of robbery out of these is the armored car robbery. It’s easy and any new player can try this. You just need to have good shooting skills.

Begin by noticing a blue dot on the map, which signifies an armored car near to your location. When the armored car is parked, you can notice a man walking towards is with a briefcase. If you immediately shoot the person, you can get a drop of $5000.

You can also use other methods such as using a sticky bomb to rip open the back of the van or just drive the car into the water. All these methods work well, you can try any one which suits you.

At the second position in terms of popularity is the ATM robberies. You can stand near an ATM and wait for anyone to withdraw cash. Once they do it, you can beat the shit out of them and rob them to earn some decent cash easily.

Besides, there’s always the provision of robbing Ammu-nation stores. It’s a useful way of earning easy cash, as Ammu-nation cash registers respawn in a short span of time. To rob an Ammu-nation store, you have to find the clerk and shoot him from the doorway. Then, you can proceed to empty the cash registers.

Once you exit the store, you just have to walk about 5-8 car lengths away. Once you turn back and re-enter the store, the money would have respawned again! You can repeat this exercise any number of times, and become rich.

On the other hand, if you want to rob any other type of store, make sure it is open for business. To rob, you just have to walk into a store in such a way that your character is able to draw a weapon. Initially, it would require some level of practice, but once you get hold of it, it’s an easy task to do.

Once you’re able to draw a weapon, you can shoot the registers to open them up. Once opened, you’d notice a number of money bags appearing there.


Assassinations are typically the missions which Lester gives you. It’s preferable to do these missions, once you’re finished with the main storyline. All the assassination missions work by shifting the stock market in your favor.

To make the maximum amount of money, ensure that you buy the maximum amount of stocks, and sell it just right after an assassination is complete. This trick will help you make tons of money in a short span of time.

Helping People/Side Missions

There are numerous side missions in the game in which you help people and end up earning a large amount of money. Chances are high when you’re playing as Franklin, although, playing as Mike would also get you some of these missions.

To begin, we prefer you to use Franklin and roam around his house. In some time, a blue market would appear on the map close to your location. 9 out of 10 times, it would be a kid telling you about his bike being stolen.

If you manage to get back his bike, he’ll repay your effort with $100,000! Yes, you’ve read it right! He gives you an enormous sum because he’s millionaire’s son in the game.

There’s a similar side mission in the North of Paleto Bay, where you would find two guys ready to kill a girl. The girl is none other than a mob leader’s daughter. If you save the girl and kill the guys, you’ll get $60,000 in your account!

Other Methods

Other than the methods stated above, there are a few other ways of making some easy cash in GTA V. While using Franklin, you can use your dog – Chop, to sniff around loot in your vicinity.

Other than that, you can also bust a marijuana farm in the east of Mount Chiliad. It’s an action-packed sequence, so make sure you have all the right weapons to face the conflict. There are armored guards everywhere the place, so you’ll have to get them soon before they fire at you.

By looting the farm, you’ll get around $100,000 in cash. In addition, the farm location respawns after a while. So, you can come again and re-do the entire process to generate easy cash.

Another opportunity to make some easy money is when you have a random encounter around Chumash. In this scenario, you would notice a crashed car on the side of a road, with a man standing next to it.

The man is a business person who has a flight to catch. If you help him reach the airport in time, he’ll give you an important stock market tip. Make sure you use all your characters and invest in the stock. Once you do it, you’ll notice the stock market shifting in favor of the stock, and allowing you to make tons of money.

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