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GTA 5 – Get Rich with Brand-new Updates

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The biggest reason why GTA online has been dominating is the frequency of updates. If you download GTA 5 update right now, you’ll get a ton of free stuff and a lot of content play through. This has been going on for a long while now, Rockstar has supported the game magnificently. The latest update is not a big as the nightclub update but it brings in a lot of different stuff for you to play and enjoy.

Rockstar has been steadily providing updates to keep the audience engaged in their videogame and the latest GTA 5 update is a testament to their long term commitment. They said they will support the game and they have with chunky big updates as well as small patches that keep things fresh for long time players. If you are GTA Online player hopping in after some time, you will be surprised to see the wealth of content that’s available right now. However, some of the races are not populated much due to them being available for a long time, so you will have to wait to get them going.

GTA 5 Update – Nightclub

This week’s update is in line with what Rockstar has been delivering for quite some time now. The new GTA 5 Update brings in a lot of opportunities to make cash while doing the activities based around the Nightclub.

If you have purchased a nightclub and are capable of doing nightclub missions, you will be able to get a nice $250k bonus. No matter how much products you are capable of selling, you will get the full reward which is pretty cool in our books. That is a meaty reward for doing something you probably already want to do. While this kind of cash won’t get you a lot these days, apart from some low-level stuff, you will be able to spend it on renovating your night club. If you download GTA 5 update before the 5th, you will be able to take advantage of this bonus. Patrons at the nightclub will also be able to enjoy a week-long open bar so that’s a win-win situation.

You will also be able to get hefty discounts to Nightclubs, their add-ons as well as renovations. 40 percent is off for Nightclubs and Nightclub Technicians. 30 percent is off for garages, warehouses, renovations, and add-ons. If you haven’t gotten some of the essential add-ons, this is the best time to get them.

GTA 5 Update – Double Rewards

What’s more? Well, contact missions are going to pay out double rewards. Double rewards make some of the contact missions very lucrative. So if you are saving up to upgrade any of your properties or just want to get a new stylish ride, this is a great time to hop back in and join in the action. Anyone who logs in the game will get the free DJ tees as well, we didn’t particularly like the look of the tees but hey, free stuff is always welcomed.

GTA 5 Update – Double RP & Cash

The Madrazo Dispatch Missions and Simeon Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions will pay out double cash and RP as well. In Madrazo Dispatch Missions you are usually tasked with assassinating one or more targets. Many of the missions have bodyguards protecting the target as well. One of the best thing about these missions is that you can do them with stealth. If you go in quietly, you can eliminate most of the guards and assassinate the target without any complications. The downside is that you will always need a partner to play them as they cannot be played solo.

In Simeon Premium Deluxe Repo Work missions all you need to do is steal or destroy specific vehicles for Simeon Yetarian. However, it is not that simple. Most of the cars are well guarded and will require some quick thinking or hard gunning to get them done. You can play the missions solo or with 1 to 4 players, which makes this a flexible way of making some good cash.

If you fancy playing against other players, Occupy offers you just that. In this mode, you have to occupy a certain territory and gain points. Holding multiple areas will allow you to gain points faster. The team with most points win. You can complete games of Occupy to get double GTA cash and RP.

The Hardest Target is another fun mode that is giving away double cash and RP rewards this time around. In this mode, two teams have one marked target. Your goal is to eliminate the opponent’s market target. If a target kills the other target? Well, then your team gets bonus points.

GTA 5 Update – Vehicle Discounts

The new GTA 5 Update brings in a lot of vehicle discounts as well. You can get 40 percent off on Grotti X80 Proto, one of the best cars in the game. Not only it has great top speed and acceleration, but it also handles well around a race track. You will be able to customize it further with the 40 percent cash you save while purchasing it. There is a 40 percent discount on Overflod Tyrant, Dinka Jester Classic and Ocelot Swinger as well. You will be able to get 30 percent off on Pagassi Oppressor Mk II and Ocelot Ardent. Vapid Caracara is 35% off as well.

If you fancy air travel, the FH-1 Hunter helicopter is also on a 40 percent discount. The Hunter is one of the best choppers in the game as well.

Download GTA 5 Update Today:

Download the update and take advantage of the double RP and cash events as well as the ample discounts. We are surely impressed with how great GTA Online is, especially with events and modes bringing in more and more cash for the players. Make sure to at least log-in and get the free tees and maybe complete a Nightclub mission and nab the extra 250,000 as well.

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