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Kick the Buddy APK Mod

by admin
Author Playgendary
Category Action
Version 1.0.6
File Size 95.63 MB
Updated 05-03-2020

Download kick the buddy forever mod apk today and unlock unlimited coins that will let you enjoy this game even more. Play this game today if you would like to have some moments of fun.

A thorough review on Kick the buddy forever

The sequel of the original game Kick the buddy, you now have Kick the buddy forever where the gameplay remains the same. You have a character named buddy, who you can throw and toss in every corner of the screen that you see.

The game comes along with dozens of weapons to try, the graphics look fantastic, and the best part is that you get to interact with the buddy. You can experiment with the buddy character with new atomic weapons, dress him up, and keep playing this game for hours.

It’s a straightforward game to play, but the graphics stand out from many similar games.

Amazing graphics

Even though Kick the buddy forever is a very simple game to play, the developers have not compromised with the graphics, though. The graphics are spot on and on par with many top-level games. The popping bright colored background with 3D animation keeps the players busy for endless hours for sure.

The gameplay

First, you will have to download the game on your mobile phone. Once downloaded, launch the game to start playing it. In the beginning, you will receive a small box, which you will have to open. After you open it, you will buddy popping out of the box and there on your screen. So, what you need to do is kick, punch, and hit buddy as much as you can so that you get to earn coins. Don’t worry; nothing will happen to buddy. The more critical the hit is, the more you will get to earn coins. After each game, you will get to choose one of the cards, which are basically reward cards.

Download Kick the buddy forever mod apk

If you want to unlock all the weapons of this game and enjoy unlimited coins, then you have got to download Kick the buddy forever mod apk today.


  • Unlimited coins.
  • Different kinds of weapons to try.
  • Tons of dresses for Buddy.
  • No advertisement while playing the game.
  • Previous bugs have been fixed.


Kick the buddy forever mod apk has been rated 3.6 by around 90 players. This game is available in the Play Store. You can go ahead download the mod version to unlock unlimited coins, that will enable you to buy new weapons and clothes for the buddy character. You will surely enjoy the mod version, so don’t wait anymore and download Kick the buddy forever mod apk today.

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