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The Walking Zombie 2 APK Mod

by admin
Author Alda Games
Category Action
Version 3.1.9
File Size 45M
Os 4.1
Updated 05-03-2020

Download the walking zombie 2 to fight against all kinds of zombies. Unlock unlimited coins to kills the zombies that are trying to kill you. Have fun playing this addictive game.

A thorough analysis of the walking zombie 2 game

If you have played FPS games before, you will surely enjoy the walking zombie 2 as well. This game has a good storyline and wants you to survive as you fight against deadly zombies, dangerous boss monsters, as well as bandits. There are tons of side quests as well as story quests to conquer. Once you do, you will start to level up and also enhance your skills as well. You will get to buy and sell equipment, anything that will keep you protected from these never-ending enemies.

Zombies seem to have been controlling this world now, and your goal is to eliminate these zombies as much as you can. However, watch out because they can outnumber you anytime.

The gameplay and controls

The gameplay of the walking zombie 2 is fantastic. It is not difficult to move around the city, but what is difficult is to keep eliminating these zombies because they are huge in number. You will be able to use different ammo and guns. Also, there will be food and medkits as well, which will enable you to heal yourself, in case you are hurt. The more quest you will get to complete, the stronger your character will become. So, do you have it in you to fight these monsters?


We love the graphics of the walking zombie 2. It is in 3D and gives you playing a real-life action game. The 3D animation of zombies and everything in the game looks fantastic and impressive. Graphics should always be one of the priorities to choose a game. And we are glad that designers have worked hard on the walking zombie 2 graphics.

Download the walking zombie 2 today!

If you want to kill some zombies and become stronger, download the walking zombie 2 and have endless hours of fun. It is always fun to kill enemies, and this game, fortunately, lets you kill them.


  • The game has fantastic graphics
  • There over a dozen story and side quests.
  • Different weapon skins to try.
  • Many weapons to choose from.
  • Lots of zombies to kill, huge boss mutants, and bandits.
  • Good music as well.


You will love the storyline of the walking zombie 2. Go ahead and download this game and kill all the zombies who are now controlling this world. You have to make sure that you are safe too. Use medkits and eat fruits to gain power.

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