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Best GTA V Mods Every Gamer Should Know

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GTA V is one of the most thrilling games of all times. To spice up your gameplay, you can play the GTA V mods, get pumped up, and take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

User made mods helps to reshape your GTA V experience — it offers a different game story where players get to play in an entirely different game world.

The GTA V modding scene is surreal — there are lots of tweaks, insane additions, and fantastic gaming transformation for all game lovers.

Imagine having a seagull as your GTA V gaming character — and stealing a car with it.

That would be awesome! Won’t it?

Well, that’s a sneak peek of what GTA V mods look like — the modifications are quite thrilling, and you’re sure of experiencing so much fun with GTA V mods.

Before delving into the best GTA V mods, let’s clarify a couple of things.

First, it’s legal to play the GTA V single-player mods. However, Rockstar doesn’t permit mods online — playing the mods online may get you into some real trouble.

If you’re a GTA V fan, here are some mods to get you occupied for the day.

1. Complex Control

Complex control takes the GTA V experience to a whole new level. There are about a hundred new character skins, fifty-five different abilities, and a battle royale mechanic.

The team behind the creation of complex control put in a staggering 1,500 hours into the development of the game mod.

With the complex control mod, you’d get a comprehensive battle royale war zone.

Here’s the thing, the complex control mod transformed the GTA V single player experience.

In the GTA V players get to perform realistic mobility function — to climb a wall, you’ve got to use a ladder.

However, complex control experience is quite different. Players are designed with a teleportation ability — moving from place to place can be done in an instant.

That’s not all…

Characters are designed with superhuman ability, and you get to perform some surreal stunts/trick with a character.

Complex control presents a land of possibilities where game players get to try out a bunch of things without losing interest in their overall game mission.

2. Realistic Damage

Realistic damage mods present a dangerous world for all GTA V fans.

Just from a quick fist fight, your character may die from nerve damage, shattered ribs, a broken neck, or from damaged lungs.

The pain and damages are extreme — it’s much different from the typical death experience of the GTA V game.

Here’s the thing, gunshots, fires, explosions, and car crashes are common experiences in GTA V. It’s a good thing that the three lead characters can regenerate their health and withstand lots of damages in the game.

If not, players won’t be able to pull off the jewelry store heist — and most especially the multi-million dollar heist.

Well, that’s all good news until you come into the world of Realistic Damage.

Realistic Damage makes you get a human form. That is, you’d be transformed into a real human-like character with internal organs — your lungs, artery, and lots of other internal organs may be damaged from a fight or by accident.

It’s not pretty to know that you’re one step away from the morgue.

The bleeding and wounds can be determined by five states — None, light, medium, heavy, or deadly.

3. Human Needs

Playing GTA V is all fun and fascinating. But have you considered taking good care of the three lead characters?

Human Needs is the game mod that lets you take care of the three characters — Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

The goal is quite simple; make sure they get some sleep and feed them with the best meals you can find.

Players get to buy foodstuffs like coffee, food, and liquor. Also, you can visit motels and perform other relevant game activities.

4. After Hours SP

The After Hours SP mod is designed to create more fun for the players.

You get to play and listen to good music, and there’s an option for the players to enjoy custom music.

At the reception, there’s a place for a player to activate a menu which would enable them to select a DJ and decor in real time.

Fascinating! Isn’t it?

What’s more, you get to drink trendy champagne, customize a nightclub, and enjoy the services of top DJs.

5. Warfare Mod

The Warfare mod is quite simple — the city of Los Santos is transformed into a militarized zone, and you get to compete with other teams.

Players can either create an arena or compete with other players in the Los Santos militarized zone.

The Warfare mod also has a survival mode where you get to play against an infinite number of enemies.

There are choppers, tanks, and lots of vehicles.

The Warfare mod is an ideal fit for players who desire to have an unending war thrill and adventure.

6. Natural Vision Remastered

Natural vision remastered brings a beautiful game environment with lots of tweaks on the lighting system and tone mapping.

During the creation of the game mod, the creators have to examine the live footage of the Southern California area carefully.

The live footage coupled with numerous photos of the Salton Sea and Los Angeles led to the creation of the epic game environment.

The Natural Vision Remastered project was created for six months, with over 1,200 hours of focus work.

The mod is an ambitious project which provides a complete overhaul of the GTA V gaming environment.

It’s impressive — and game players get to have a surreal experience of the GTA V environment.

7. Better Weapon Ragdoll

Most GTA V players take weapons for granted — they always have a weapon handy and get to use it whenever they want to.

Better Weapon Ragdoll brings uncertainty into the mix. You get to lose your weapon whenever you fall off from an elevated place or get hit by a car.

Minor falls can make your weapon tumble off your hand. Also, you’re at risk of losing your weapon when you jump rooftops or tumble down a mountain.

Players get to think twice before performing moves in the Better Weapon Ragdoll mod.

Conclusion — Get the Best GTA V Mods Today

GTA V is one of the best video games on the planet.

You can take your gameplay experience to a whole new level by installing the best GTA V mods.

Whether you’re a music lover, an adventurer, or a lover of an epic gaming environment, you’re sure of getting the right GTA V mods to boost your gaming experience.

What’s your best GTA V mod?


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