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Bottle Flip 3D APK Mod

by admin
Author tastypill
Category Casual
Version 1.71
File Size 26M
Os 5.0
Updated 02-03-2020

Download Bottle Flip 3D Mod to get the adrenaline rushing in your body! This exciting bottle flip game will keep you on your toes during the entire game.

Bottle Flip 3D Description

Bottle Flip 3D is a simple yet hard game in which you have to flip the bottle just right so that it lands on the given platform safely. This online skill game can keep you engaged for so long, but still, you will never get bored of this implausible game. You can either do a single flip or double to land on the next platform, and you have to this to the end.

Seems easy? Here is the problematic part – some of the platforms move, so you would need some strategies and skills to complete the level.

Different Levels

The game lets you explore different rooms and jump on a variety of objects, including tables, shelves, sofas, chairs, and even subwoofers.

Advantages of Bottle Flip 3D

With this game, you can develop your coordination, train your agility, control the distance and strength of the jump. Regardless of the age and skill sets, this game can set your heart racing.

Along with this, you can calculate the distance appropriately as the game is just about whether you can get to the finish line or not.

Features of Bottle Flip 3D

The new arcade Bottle Flip 3D is a fun-filled game that is good for agility and coordination. With so many rooms to explore, you just have to tap on the screen at the right moment and jump.

If you think flipping a bottle is easy, you won’t after playing this game. The impressive levels and smooth controls of this game only make it a little more exciting.

Download Bottle Flip 3D mod

Are you looking for an easy yet addictive game? Well, look no further than Bottle Flip 3D.

After winning the first rooms, you will get access to new and interesting levels. The game will be unlocked with advanced furniture and room arrangements. But if you think the entire game will be just as easy as the first few rooms, you are so mistaken. In fact, it is only for warming you up a little bit for the upcoming and more challenging levels.

After passing each level, you will get a specific amount of gems, with which you can buy new skin for your bottle.

And, in the mod feature, you will get an unlimited number of gems.

Mod APK Features

Want to know what’s new in the modified version of Bottle Flip 3D? Here is what you will get in Bottle Flip 3D mod:

  •  Unlimited gems


Up for some engaging fun? Well, wait no more and download this super-fun and addictive game that will definitely bring some enjoyable moments when playing with your friends.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the play store right away to get started.

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