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Finally, official Final Fantasy VII Remake draws near

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Finally, after years of secrecy, delays and rumours, it looks like we’re finally going to get to see and play the official Final Fantasy 7 remake – arguably one of the most beautiful and creative RPG games ever to grace the PlayStation.

And from what we can tell, all the familiar elements we know, and love are there, with some much-needed graphic improvements and of course, voice acting.

Although with a release date of merely a month before Cyberpunk 20202, you might be hard pressed to make the decision, with both titles likely to take a large chunk of productivity out of your life for several weeks.

Here’s why we recommend getting your hands on the game, and how we’re certain that it won’t disappoint all the hardcore Final Fantasy fans out there.

Improved battle style

Hear me out here. I love the turn-based fighting style as much as the next guy, but in today’s world of gaming there needs to be a little more excitement. Final Fantasy VII Remake Make does with similar battle play as FFXV, and more of a brawler than a waiting game.

Mashing buttons will perform melee or ranged attacks and getting too close to the enemy will affect how much damage you take. You can dodge, roll, and use the Pause menu which slows down time as you activate spells, special attacks and use items. One button rotates between party members for a seamless battle experience.

It’s a battle style that’s unique yet familiar, drawing elements rom older games and titles such as Devil May Cry. Check out the FFVII Remake gameplay demo reveal. You also get to carry around the ridiculously oversized Buster sword with you on your back wherever in Midgar you may go.

Stupendous graphics

Looking like it’s straight out of a high-budget animated movie, the graphics in cut scenes and gameplay alike are fantastic. The detail in this close-up of Clouds face is hard to believe and does perfect justice to the character.

Oh yeah, and the characters? From Tifa all the way to Sephiroth, the glorious hairstyles have been nailed to a tee, and look surprisingly fitting in such high-quality graphics.

Playing the original FFVII was a captivating experience, even though the characters were resemblant of Minecraft avatars. To see them and the entire world remade with super rendering is great to see.

Original and expanded storyline

Of course, you’ll be playing as Cloud as he embarks on his epic journey through Midgar to discover his identity and take down the evil Shinra. And although Square Enix were careful not to reveal too much, they have mentioned that there will be an expanded storyline.

They also revealed that the Final Fantasy remake would have double the content density of the original game, which means new places to explore and things to do. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see. But don’t rule out the possibility of venturing outside of Midgar in this or future extended storylines.

Note: The developers have told the FFVII remake is going to be an episodic project, so expect more than one disk to play the entire game.

For the sake of nostalgia

Nostalgia is a beautiful feeling, and one that most of us crave. This game wasn’t on everybody’s radar back in the 1997 when it first released, but if you were a fan, the FFVII Remake is looking likely to hit you in the feels and knock your socks off at the same time.

As we grow into adulthood and beyond, it’s not often you come across a game that can invoke the same magic as they did when we were young. The trials and trivialities of life get in the way of allowing us to truly enjoy them. Bills have to be paid and responsibilities pile up like a mound of cars in a super-highway crash.

Yet, this game with its epic storyline and beloved Final Fantasy 7 characters might just change all that, and finally allow us to escape for a while once again.

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