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Version 1.49.0
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Updated 29-06-2020

Free Fire Battlegrounds (also called Garena Free Fire, or Free Fire) is one of the best mobile Battle Royale games. Create your own tactics and engage players in an unforgiving environment as you look to become the best of the best.


A Short Introduction to the Background of Free Fire Battlegrounds

The game was published by Garena for mobile platforms. it soon reached the number one spot in the most downloaded mobile game in 2019.

An outstanding achievement was to obtain the “best popular vote game” by Google Play in the same year.

By the end of November 2019, Free Fire reported more than one billion dollars made worldwide. More than 500 million downloads were recorded on Google Play Store by February of 2020.

Although the game was widely praised, it was not without its critics. some of them complained about the game’s graphics. On the other hand, it was argued that the game prioritized a smooth gameplay system compared to a visual experience. Some critics claimed that this was a good decision in light of Free Fire being a mobile game.

The gameplay you’re looking for depends upon your preferences as a mobile gamer. But the one thing that is guaranteed in this game is that it is filled with action and packed with a thrilling reward system.

Gameplay of Free Fire

Free Fire can be played from the third-person perspective, and only in online mode.

One different aspect of this game is that rather than the traditional hundred players in a battle Royale game, Free Fire has an upper limit of 50 players.

After joining a game, you enter a plane that flies over the playing area map. At any point you choose you can jump and land on the map. You won't have any weapons or equipment. Rather these will need to be found on the island.

You will need to make use of your strategies and wit to survive against other players. Choosing the right spot to start on the island is a critical decision. Other players will be on the lookout and the more competitive foes will already know the map better.

The goal is to make sure that you are the last man standing.

In order to keep things interesting and make it easier for players to find each other, the playable area on the map reduces overtime. Anybody caught outside the reduced play area will be eliminated after a certain period of time.

You will also have to avoid random air strikes in the game. When planed fly over the map after you have landed it can mean two things. Either you are about to receive an air strike at a particular location, or a care package with unique contents.

Strategy and tactics will definitely pay off in this game.

Unique Features in Free Fire Battlegrounds

Smooth Graphics: Gameplay in Free Fire is truly wonderful to experience. The controls are simple and easy to understand. The movement in the game is just the right pace to get your heart beating faster as the action takes place all around you.

Squad Options: You don’t have to go to the battlefield solo if you don’t want to. This game lets you team up with a squad of up to 4 other players. This feature adds a completely different dynamic to your gaming experience. With voice communications possible, you can plan strategies and communicate effectively throughout the game.

Squad Clash Game Mode: An impressive addition to Free Fire is an alternative to playing its battle royale mode. You can now play 4 versus 4 competitive matches in the game. Although these are on a smaller scale from the 50 player shootouts, they take nothing away from the action. In fact, having fewer players can actually boost your gameplay experience as the close quarters combat keeps you constantly on the lookout. Fun engagement is all but guaranteed!

Character Variety: Choose your sides and play as a variety of different characters!

Download Free Fire Battlegrounds

If you’re looking to get right into the action, download the game right away! You can use these links depending upon which platform you own:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dts.freefireth&hl=en

iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/garena-free-fire-rampage/id1300146617


Free Fire gives you a breath of fresh air at a time when other battle royale games are dominating the market. There’s a different experience to be had throughout the gameplay here. You are sure to find it worth every hour you spend in competitive survival!


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