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Stickman Party APK Mod

by admin
Author Playmax Game Studio
Category Fun
Version 1.9
File Size 34M
Os 4.1
Updated 27-02-2020

Download stickman party MOD APK – latest update with unlimited money and unlimited mini games.

What you should expect from the Game.

Stickman Party is a single player and a Multiplayer game developed by Playmax Game Studio. It can be played by 3-4 players. The players are required to race, or play soccer depending on what the player selects. You can't play this game without internet or Wi-Fi, this means it is an online game. The game has a natural partying and fun filled experience. It is recommended for fun at parties, road trips and even first dates. The game is suitable for both adult and children.

As a single player, you can play this game and you are sure to get unlimited fun and party experience. It is recommended that you play for practice as a single player so that you can truly be the master of the game amongst your peers and family members. However, it is possible for you to play the game on the same device with friends. You can pick from a list of games like

  •  Stickman Run for 1, 2, 3, 4 players
  •  Soccer (Football)
  •  Multiplayer Tanks
  •  Paint the colors
  •  Stickman clash
  •  Micro car rally racing
  • Bounce the Ball

New mini-games are continually added. The current version has exciting features like

  •  Playing the game for free
  • 4 different players are able to play on a device
  •  25 different games
  •  New challenges with your friends and families

The game is available on android and IOS. There are unique rules for each mini games.

The Party sound and graphics of Stickman Party.

As the name of this game suggests, the game is all about getting fun and connection with friends and families. The music is meticulously created to suit the experience of fun. So, the music or sound of the game you hear is dependent on the mini game you pick. This means that if you pick soccer, the sound of the players kicking the ball would be present. If you pick the other Paint the Colors game, the sound of the brush painting would be heard. Each sound promises to be fun

However, if you are a fan of stickman games, you should know what to except of the graphics. As Playmax Game Studio is an expert in great delivery, the picture of game is clear and easy to see for a total fun experience. There are different colorful stickman characters to pick from to make the game more exciting for everyone. Stickman party is like having a game application of different games. Everything about Stickman Party is free and fun, the true definition of a Party.

Stickman Party MOD

The Mod of this game is unlimited play time because it comes with unlimited money. This means that you are able to get as much games and love as the updated version provides. Download the game to create and maintain the connection with your peers. Update the version as soon as your can so that your MOD version can offer you more unlimited mini-games.


Stickman Party is simple and easy to play. The game gives friends and families a chance in doing something new, something fun that doesn’t cost much. Who doesn’t like free game or games? Stickman Party has proven that there are fun things that are truly free.

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