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GTA V Updates: The Story So Far

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It has been almost six years since the release of GTA V. Still, the game is revered by millions of fans all across the globe. Rockstar Games are popular for bringing in new changes with frequent updates in the game.

In this article, we’ll explore the small and big changes brought in with the recent updates in the game. From speculations, fan theories to expert advice, we’ve covered all in this blog!

RC Cars

We all love RC cars, don’t we? Well, that’s what Rockstar Games though you’d like.

In January 2019, we saw GTA Online incorporating a new game mode – RC Cars. Unlike other sandbox games that have introduced armored cars, tanks, missiles, and other artifacts in the game to attract players, the use of RC cars was a unique move by the Rockstar Games.

With RC cars, users could engage in RC car races and compete with friends online! Players are allowed to use special RC car tracks and hit checkpoints on the way. The player finishing all the laps first would be declared the winner.

Many game reviewers lauded this move by the developers and praised the dynamics of RC cars as different from regular cars. With the ability to move, turn and bounce quickly, users could enjoy a break from regular racing in a good way!

Import/Export Update

In May 2019, GTA Online introduced a feature that was launched in 2016 for a brief period. This feature was Import/Export, which was available for GTA players for seven days. The feature allowed Import/Export Sell missions to give an extra 25% GTA money.

In addition, Bodyguard and Associate rewards were also doubled. While Merryweather Security Phone Call Services were made free.

The move was welcomed by online players, who saw it as a good opportunity to offload foreign cars in their warehouses. Considering the 25% extra rewards, there was 25% off on Biker Business Supplies as well, giving users the ability to take advantage of the low prices.

Missile Base Series Update

In the last week of May 2019, Missile Base Series was launched. This featured an intense competition within the vicinity of Mt. Chiliad. The Missile Base Series introduced nine different modes including Resurrection, Every Bullet Counts, and many more. With each mode being immersive and awesome in its own way!

White-collar criminals or CEOs or players who play executive roles received a lucrative bonus. The game promoted executive office owners by providing a bonus of $250k. It provided a great opportunity for players who were looking to jump into the role.

At the same time, Smuggler’s Sell missions, Juggernaut and Rhino hunt modes also received double rewards. We all know flying with contraband is a risky job. Well, that’s why the update rewarded the high-stake Smuggler’s job profile.

Similarly, you require some courage to play Juggernaut & Rhino Hunt missions. If you managed to take your enemy’s team without being killed, you were up for a double the bonus. While, if you managed to take down a team of tanks just with sticky bombs, your bonus was also doubled.

GTA 6 Rumors

With rumors of the GTA 6 making rounds since December 2018, it has been touted that Rockstar Games would probably delay the release of the game in this franchise.

Even as Rockstar Games has been silent about the release of GTA 6, there have been claims made by various ex-employees of the company that the game is scheduled for an early release.

It was even expected that the game would be an exclusive ‘Sony’ release at first, and would come to other platforms in the subsequent months.

Whatever the rumors are, we fans are already anticipating that the next release in the GTA series would be huge.

Nonetheless, let’s discover what’s happening in the GTA V online scene.

New Casino

If you’re a regular player of GTA Online, you must have noticed the vacant and unused casino in the game. Over the years, the area has become some kind of a relic for the gamers and many theories have been constructed regarding the story behind the empty building.

Initially, it was thought that developers would develop the area into a secret spot for some missions. But as nothing happened, these speculations slowly diminished with time.

However, with the recent changes in the Grand Theft Auto Online, gamers can notice that there have been some serious changes being made to the Casino. Many data miners are speculating that developers have finally thought of revamping the place.

Till now, the old casino building had been lying unused in the game with a sign ‘Coming Soon!’ placed on the top. With the recent update, the players can see that the sign has been removed, and the front entrance to the building has been blocked with the help of cones.

It is definitely a sign that developers are doing something, and we can see the changes in the coming weeks or months. Even the renowned data miner Tezfun, has acknowledged that there are some new strings of code within the game that signify that the game developers are up to something.

What will this be leading to?

Well, the most common speculation is that the fans of the games will be given a new casino in the next update that can be similar to the gambling feature in the Red Dead Online.

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