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Hitman 2 Brings New Content for Players

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IO Interactive have played their role when it comes to Hitman 2 and new content for existing players. They promised new stuff to do and new people to kill in the game and they are delivering on that big time. Let’s see what the July roadmap looks like.

Hitman 2 Content Rich

The developers behind the Hitman series are independent now and it is clear how well they are handling their newfound freedom. They are dropping new content for their beloved franchise and players are playing the game almost consistently despite it being a single player centric assassination game.

I have personally kept on playing the game for way longer than I’ve played Hitman Blood Money and that’s high praise for Hitman 2. If you’re a fan of the genre but were turned off by the episodic release of Hitman reboot, you’ll be happy to know that Hitman 2 launched as a complete video game rather than in chunks. And now IO Interactive are keeping the game alive with monthly content drops that are free as well as paid.

Hitman 2 July Roadmap

The July roadmap for the game looks content-rich as well. There are a lot of challenge packs, featured contracts and even a legacy Elusive Target in the game. You also get Escalation Contracts. The best part is that they all come in a “Jungle Music” theme.

Hitman 2 Escalation Contract

The new Escalation Contract is already live and it is set in the Babayeva Dissonance. And this contract you’ll be assassinating musicians and stop the music. There are 3 different stages in the contract and all of them will require your deadly touch. I’ve already played it and it’s a superbly designed Escalation Contract that can be completed directly or by using subtle approaches.

Hitman 2 Challenge Pack

The new challenge pack is releasing on July 11 and looks like a great opportunity to be a band member in the popular Santa Fortuna band. There will be 5 new challenges that are related to Santa Fortuna. It will be completely up to you how you complete those in Hitman 2, exactly in the traditional Hitman style. If you succeed in all of the challenges you’ll be rewarded with a violin which is a neat touch.

Hitman 2 Sniper Assassin Map

On July 30 a new Sniper Assassin Map Hitman 2 will be released for the owners of the expansion pass. The 2nd sniper assassin map is going to be one of a hard one as well as a cold one. If you get full mastery in this level, you’ll be able to unlock the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic that you can use in all sandbox locations in the game. The map will be set in Siberia in prison so it’s going to be a tough one to navigate from your vantage point. However, the reward seems to be a great one, so we can’t wait to get our hands on the mission.

Hitman 2 Conclusion

These are just some of the content pieces that are coming out for Hitman 2. The developers are keeping the game alive by providing new and exciting modes and maps to the players and we can’t ask for anything else. The only downside is that the full game is not available on mobile, while you can play the Hitman sniper missions on your smartphone, and enjoy the Hitman GO, the game is still not the full experience. If you want to try out something different, we recommend follow the link below and download the app from there. They won’t allow you to assassinate people but it will definitely help you kill quality time.


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