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How to Win at Fortnite Battle Royale – Complete Beginner’s Guide

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If you’re a fan of Fortnite, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll probably have looked up some tips and tricks at some point. Everyone needs some pointers and sometimes these can make the difference between winning a game or not.

Seeing as you’re here, you’re clearly willing to learn how to improve your game. That’s the first step in becoming a pro at Fortnite – admitting where you are now and how much you could improve. From here, we’ll give you some top tips that will help you become better at playing the game.

How to play Fortnite like a BOSS

So, you want to win every game? Realistically that’s not going to happen – no one can win every time, but you can win much more often than you do now. There are some pretty simple tips to follow when it comes to playing Fortnite in a professional way. You can take a number of routes and it’s worth noting that some of the tips we’re providing here might make for ‘slower’ gameplay. If you’re all about running into the mix guns blazing from the get-go, then this isn’t the advice you want to hear. If not, then read on.

MASTER YOUR LANDING: The first thing to do in Fortnite is actually one of the most important with regard to staying alive. While many players will jump out of the party bus straight away to land quicker, this isn’t necessarily the best idea. You’ll end up landing surrounded by lots of other players and maybe not even in a good location.

Instead, wait for a while until lots of other players have jumped, then make your jump solo to ensure that no one else is hunting you straight away. You could aim to land in one of the urban centers – these generally have the best loot, but they’ll also be full of other players running straight for said loot.

Our advice is to land in a rural area away from everyone else – also, make sure you land on the roof of a house. There are often loot boxes in the lofts of houses and you can smash through the roof to get that without having to run through the whole house. From here, check every other building for loot as quickly as possible. Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you can afford to waste time.

GIMMIE THE LOOT, GIMMIE THE LOOT: The Notorious B.I.G. probably would have been pretty good at playing Fortnite with lyrics like that. When you land, you’ll want to gather as many weapons and armors as possible and get some resources so you can build fortifications if need be.

Don’t waste any time. Go from building to building and check everywhere, you can find loot in all sorts of places. Once you’re encountering other players, you’ll want to have a rifle ready or you won’t stand a chance against them.

KEEP HYDRATED: No, seriously. Your brain is sharper when you’re hydrated, so always keep a glass of water on the table next to you when you’re playing Fortnite. You know how long you can play sometimes without a break, so at least keep the water handy. On that note, it’s best to also take ten or 20 minute breaks here and there to ensure you’re still sharp and don’t fall into a rut which will inevitably end with you throwing your phone or controller at the most expensive thing in your house.

KEEP MOVING: You can’t just camp like you can in PUBG. In Fortnite, campers tend to just end up getting their heads blown off. The game just isn’t designed for it – the colors are too vibrant and it’s too cartoony – you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. It’s best to keep moving and get the jump on other players who are stupid enough to try and camp.

CONCEIL YOURSELF: While we don’t recommend camping, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use stealth. When entering a building, for example, always shut the door behind you so as not to alert other players that someone has entered. Also, while vehicles are useful, they’re also very loud. Building a base is a good way to defend yourself, but it also paints a gigantic target on the map alerting everyone else to your presence.

Basically, consider the consequences of each action you take in the game. If you don’t want people to know you’re there, then don’t make it too obvious.

USE THE STORM: You’re going to want to avoid that big purple death-storm, but then again, you might choose to use it to your own advantage – especially later in the game. Once the storm closes in and the playable area gets smaller, most people will run into the middle of the play-zone (which therefore is better called the ‘kill-zone’).

Instead of doing this, we recommend that you stay by the edge of the storm so that you can see the whole playable zone and you can ensure that no one comes up behind you.

SHOOT TO KILL: You can fill a player on Fortnite with quite a few holes before they go down. For that reason, it’s best to keep things smooth and simple by aiming for the head. Headshots are instant kills, so you don’t have to worry about your enemy fighting back. Of course, this takes a fair bit of practice. Practice makes perfect though, doesn’t it.

Bonus tip: Use Android emulator for PC

This is a cheeky one because it’s technically cheating. You can download an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, for your PC and then download Fortnite onto it. In this way, you can play the mobile version on your PC with the larger screen and superior controls. This is an easy way to get a massive advantage over other players. Try it out.

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