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Minecraft Mobile Latest News and Updates

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Minecraft Village & Pillage Update

Minecraft mobile used to be known as Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft PE for short but ever since around September, 20, 2017, Pocket Edition has been dropped in favor or Bedrock Edition. Pocket Edition was also considered to be in the Alpha testing phase, so when they fully released Minecraft for mobile, they decided to drop the name. The last major update to Bedrock was 1.11.0 which brought a lot of different updates and new gameplay to Minecraft. Some new gameplay included the addition of raids. Raids can randomly occur near villages where at least one bed and the villager who owns the bed. Raids also automatically occurs when a player enters a village with a “Bad Omen” status effect. During raids, a large group of Illagers launch an attack at a village and try to kill the villagers residing in it. These hostile mobs attack in waves consisting of various numbers, depending on your selected difficulty level. A raid boss bar will appear and will help you keep track of the number of enemies still alive.

There are also some new status effects added such as Bad Omen, which is applied to the players/ players if all the beds are destroyed or all the villagers have failed to survive during a raid, Hero of the Village is another status effect added to the game which is awarded to the player when the player successfully survived/ defeated the raid within the boundaries of a village. These new status effects and gameplay bring some freshness to the game and a little more interaction with the various villages in Minecraft.

As of release of this article, the latest version of Minecraft available is 1.11.4. The updates in between 1.11.0 and 1.11.4 are mostly just minor updates such as bug fixes and minor gameplay adjustments. The upcoming and exciting major update is going to be 1.12.0 which will be talked about later on.

The Next Major Update

The next big update that players should look forward to would definitely be 1.12.0. There is no official release date for this update yet but it is already in testing phase or the Beta version, if we are going to be basing it on previous release dates, 1.12.0 might come this month but nothing yet is certain. So far there are a few additions to the game and some small changes as well. Camera has been re-added in 1.12.0 and is only an item form not as an entity itself. Some new game rules have been added as well, which could be used in future Minecraft mods or some Minecraft games. The “spawnradius” command allows players to pick a certain radius for other players to spawn in. The “sendcommandblockfeedback” command are for certain delays or somewhat timed options for other commands. A new “Respawn Radius” option has also been added which enables the players to select a specific respawn radius. There are also some new commands and add-ons that can be used to create some new Minecraft maps. A few interesting commands that are related to dragons dying and destroying blocks, sounds quite exciting.

There are a few small changes that are going to be added as well. Updated textures for Seagrass and Bamboo, new sounds for wandering traders and zombie villagers, and also a number of new animations and new particles as well.

For the most part, the new update adds new content for creating some new Minecraft, mods, maps or games. This could lead to some very interesting new gameplay mechanics when it comes to custom Minecraft games created by other players. At this point, all we have to do is wait and see what 1.12.0 brings us.

Minecraft Forum Archive Announcement

Minecraft has recently announced that the Minecraft Forum will be changed from an active online community into a read-only website. They announced it through a post made by citricsquid in the Minecraft website, specifically in the news tab. This is definitely some sad news for people who like searching for solutions to a problem online or helping other people with Minecraft problems. The Minecraft Forum was a great way to get a solution to your problems, you could easily relate and talk to people because of the friendly fan base. The forum has been a great way to exchange ideas and concerns, come see the latest mods, maps or games created for Minecraft. It was a great way to find someone to play with or just to find some new friends in general. Sadly, they have already come to a decision and are going to be officially changing the Minecraft Forums to a read-only archive on June 16th, 2019. Users will no longer be able to log-in after this date and no new threads or content will added any further. You can still search for old threads relating to whatever you have in mind and if they were created before June 16th, you can still read and access them. They have confirmed that all links related to the Minecraft Forums would still remain the same and be accessible, and that any content found on the forums would remain fully accessible as well. One good thing that citricsquid has said is that they have no plans to do the same thing to the Minecraft Wiki, another very helpful site to all Minecraft players, and that the changes to the Minecraft Forum will not affect the Minecraft Wiki in any way.

If you would like to read more about Minecraft Forum archiving, here is a link to the official announcement:https://www.minecraftforum.net/news/60727-important-minecraft-forum-archive-announcement

If you would like to access the Minecraft Forum before it is officially gone forever, here is a link to the forums as well: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums

R.I.P Minecraft Forum – June 16, 2009 to June 16, 2019

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