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Looking for an exciting game that lets you create your own game for free? Learn all about Roblox now and start creating your own world!


Originally released in 2006, Roblox is a massive success garnering millions of players worldwide. It’s a competitor of Minecraft yet it still manages to hold its own. So, what is it all about?

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game that lets you design your own games and play them. Or you can let others play your game or play the games designed by other players all around the world. They offer a wide range of gaming genres from racing to simulations and more. In 2019, Roblox reportedly has over 100 million monthly active players and it’s easy to see how that was achieved.

Interesting Concept

While Roblox might be similar to Minecraft in some ways, this game was actually created way before Minecraft was released. For starters, you can create all sorts of games you’d like. Your imagination is your limit!

If you’ve played Minecraft, you’ll be familiar with this game instantly. There are overlapping concepts in both games but both are enjoyable. That being said, Roblox has its own charm that bewitches players all around the world. Till this day, millions are still playing this classic game.

Features of Roblox

To know more about this game, let’s dive in to the features it offers. It isn’t as gorgeous-looking as some modern games but the beauty lies in the gameplay and the community. You can’t just substitute this for stunning 3D graphics. And it’s not something that’s forcefully created either. With that in mind, here are the features of Roblox:

Countless games within the game – As you already know, you can create a mini-game in Roblox. It’s one of the defining features of the game. Currently, there are millions of simple games you can play inside the game. You can choose the category and you could get stuck playing one game for hours! That’s why this game is still relevant up to this day. You can never get bored once you open this game.

Online multiplayer – Like Minecraft, Roblox also allows you to play with other players no matter where they are in the world. The great thing about this is that there are millions of players playing the game constantly so there’s no shortage of players you can meet. Also, you can play with players using other consoles and mobile devices. It’s that inclusive!

Customization – Another aspect that many players seem to love is the endless customization feature. You can customize your character to however you want such as their shirts, hats, faces, gear and more. You’re the one in charge of your outfit! Customize to your heart’s content!

Chat with friends – As we said earlier, Roblox allows you to chat with friends using in-game chat. Aside from this, you can also private message someone or join group chats! This means you’ll never be alone in playing the game as there will always be a community of players you can hang out with – online!

Virtual Currency – As with other games, Roblox has an in-game virtual currency. This allows you to buy items in the game to customize your character even further. They also offer a “Builder’s club” membership that gives you extra privileges and features not available to the normal account.

Tips for Playing Roblox Mobile

Even though this game may seem simple, it’s not. Roblox relies heavily on your imagination to create mini-games inside the game. Beginner players may have a hard time doing anything because they might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do. To combat this, here are some tips for you:

Chat with other players – The game offers an in-game chat feature. Use this to your full advantage! Chat with other experienced Roblox players to gain insights and tips! Just make sure to be polite and respect other players when chatting. Depending on your chat, you may get reported for use of offensive language.

Make objects fly – Did you know that you can make objects fly in Roblox? How? Just insert the vehicle in the game from the insertion section of the game. Then, enter a plane tool along side this and you’re done! Try to do this with other vehicles and test things out!

Budget your Robux – As said earlier, Roblox has a virtual currency called Robux. This is your golden ticket to unlock new games inside the game. Collect Robux by winning games or buying them from the shop. In any case, you shouldn’t waste your Robux in any thing other than the ones important!

Be unique – When creating your own game in Roblox, try to think outside of the box. Ask yourself first why players will play your game instead of millions of others. Try to find inspiration from other games and add a twist of your own. This way, you’ll be more creative and you can offer more value to players. Also, don’t forget to advertise your game properly so players can see it. Try to make your ads colorful and creative!

Engage in the community – One of the reasons why Roblox is still going strong to this day is the community. Much like Minecraft, Roblox has a dedicated community of gamers, streamers and other content creators. They bond together to create a meaningful community of creativity and fun. Try to engage in the community as much as possible. Whether participating in in-game chats or in forums outside the game – make your time a meaningful one! Contribute your knowledge and ask people your questions. Experience what it’s like playing with millions of people and meeting new ones every day.


As you can see, Roblox has so much to offer more than just the gameplay. It’s the overall collation of gameplay, interesting mini-games and the players that play the game tirelessly even after decades of it being released. Are you excited to be a part of this enjoyable community? Play Roblox now and test your creative skills!


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