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Hurricane Outbreak APK Mod

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Author Nostrovia, Inc
Category Simulation
Version 2.0.8
File Size 48M
Os 4.1
Updated 07-03-2020

Do you love games that give you control? If yes, then download the Hurricane Outbreak MOD APK! It enables you to create a hurricane, determine the wind speed, and direct it to different countries of your choice.

A Precise Description Hurricane Outbreak

This is a 3-D game that gives you the power to affect an outbreak of a hurricane. You’ll have the unique ability to increase the strength of winds or change their direction thus determining the fate of neighboring regions.

Do you have what it takes to control nature and create severe hurricanes? Find out the gameplay here.

Interesting Gameplay

This is a simulation game that’s set on a coastal region. You’ll play the role of a hurricane expert with unique abilities to determine the strength and the direction of the winds.

The fate of the land adjacent to the sea together with the inhabitants is solely on your hands!

Will create a hurricane to finish them off or will spare them? That’s you to decide!

However, your success will be determined by the strengths of the hurricanes that you create. As such, you should always endeavor to achieve some of the most disastrous hurricanes ever recorded in the world.

The points you accumulate over time will help you to upgrade your skills and abilities. The more power you acquire, the easier it’ll be for you to create strong and more destructive hurricanes.

Simple Yet Effective Graphics

While this game does not have complex graphics, the simplicity works superbly well. The simulation is excellent too!

Additionally, the game is accompanied by immersive sound systems that can cause a thunderous impression. This leads to confusion and fear just like it would happen in the real world!

Tips for Winning the Game

While this game may appear simple, it can be challenging if you fail to apply the right tactics. As you rise through the levels, it’ll continually become complicated and you’ll require more sophisticated tactics to maneuver.

As such, you should be patient throughout the mission. Take your time to develop an unbeatable plan.

Download Hurricane Outbreak MOD APK

For an enhanced thrill, you should use the modified version of the Hurricane Outbreak. This MOD game comes with numerous unlocks that will help you get the best simulation and graphics. You’ll enjoy every minute you spend gaming!

Unique MOD Features

  •  Numerous Unlocks
  • Unlimited Finances
  • Increased Strength and Abilities
  •  No Ads
  •  Free Maps


Do you have what it takes to rule nature? Download the Hurricane Outbreak MOD APK and test your abilities.

This game guarantees seamless gameplay and fabulous graphics. All you need is to command the winds by a simple touch of a button and watch as magic unravels.

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