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Junkyard Tycoon APK Mod

by admin
Author Lana Cristina
Category Simulation
Version 1.0.21
File Size 47.28 MB
Os 5.0
Updated 03-03-2020

Download Junkyard Tycoon mod apk 1.0.21, and operate the best salvage yard business in the city with this unlimited diamond mod.

Build the Best Scrapyard in the City

Do you like cars or vehicle parts? How about tycoon games? If both fit your criteria then Junkyard Tycoon is for you!

You start of the game having a large junkyard, but only a little part of it is usable. You buy broken cars for a price and salvage their parts to gain profit. Broken cars are being offered every minute, and you have to check it out as there is a timer until the seller goes away.

Salvaging cars takes time and energy, so it is best to focus on at least two cars to get a pretty good profit while playing the game. Of course, you have to buy another ramp and parking for your bought cars. You can regain energy even if you are idle or out of the game, which is nice.

Once the car has been salvaged, you can sell the parts for more cash. The pricing varies, and it changes every 4 seconds. Take note of the money you bought for the car as you need to profit from it. You can also send the car to the Car Baler Machine to get more scraps.

There are also random items that you can salvage such as nails, oil, and even illegal weapons. Illegal weapons need to be carefully removed, and thus, it has a mini-game. There are basically two arrows in a bar, and both need to be in the green line (the middle) so you can salvage the weapon, otherwise, you will not get it.

You can sell these items, except the illegal weapons, for more money. Same logic with selling the car parts, but you can gain less money here but you will gain profit for sure since these are just extra items. As for the salvaged illegal weapons, there will be random offers at a random time. You have to choose from the three different persons, and choose one of them. Get the one that would give you the most profit.

Expand your Junkyard and Repair Other Buildings

Junkyard Tycoon is just not about salvaging cars, but it is also about expanding your business further. As mentioned earlier, you can buy more ramps and parking slots to accommodate more cars.

Once you have enough money, and you have upgraded your junkyard business already, you can now help the area surrounding your business, and they are a bunch of closed buildings that are in need of repairs.

Repairing them requires materials you can get for scrapping cars, and of course, money is needed. Some of these buildings will provide you faster recovery time for energy, and some will provide you additional income, such as factories to create more materials, or even a business that will let you repair cars, and another is a business that will let you sell those said cars.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics for Junkyard Tycoon are somewhat realistic, and cartoonish too. Cars are pretty detailed, and there are several cars in this game that you can salvage. It lacks the smooth animation, but for a tycoon game, it does not really need that as much as other genres do.

As for its audio, there is no soundtrack sadly. However, the audio clips seem to be fine and not intrusive to the gameplay experience. Although, I think it is best to have a soundtrack for a Tycoon game at least.

Why get the Modded Version?

By downloading Junkyard Tycoon mod apk 1.0.21, you can easily buy all the upgrades needed for your Junkyard business because of unlimited money. Energy will not be a problem either as you can replenish it with the unlimited diamonds that you have with the mod.

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