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Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK Mod

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Author AxesInMotion Racing
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Version 4.18.26
File Size 53.01 MB
Os 4.1
Updated 25-02-2020

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator MOD APK 5.1.1 to explore its extraordinary features that make racing phenomenal.

Its outstanding graphics and incredible sound systems led to its recognition as the best racing simulator in 2014. Yes, that’s how outstanding this game is!

Everything You Need to Know About Extreme Car Driving Simulator

The game encapsulates various elements of real driving which makes it popular among racing enthusiasts. It has unique graphics and you can be certain that you’ll enjoy every minute you spend racing.

The highlight of the game is its dynamism—it allows you to choose the racing environment. Whether you like desert racing, airport drives, or beach drives, this game will generously serve it to you.

When driving, you should be careful to follow all the traffic rules lest you find yourself in the hands of the traffic police. You should obey the streetlights and respect other motorists if you want to survive in the game.

Are you already surprised at how real Extreme Car Driving Simulator is? Well, you’ve not even heard it all!

The game boasts of accurate physics and a marvelous camera system that allows you to regularly switch your view. This is crucial since it eases control as you maneuver through its highly diverse terrain.

Wondrous Gameplay

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is designed to mimic a real driving environment. At first, you’ll be required to select your favorite car. There are many options including Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Mazda, and many others.

After selecting your car, you’ll choose whether to use in its current form or modify it. However, the modification will cost you a few bucks. Ideally, you can race for some time to earn money necessary for meaningful upgrades.

Since you have your vehicle ready, it’s now time to race! You can choose different racing modes including:

  •  Free Mode. This is the best gaming mode for starters. You’ll explore various racing routes with minimal obstructions. As you explore, make sure to get hidden loots which will earn you points
  •  Checkpoint Mode. This allows you to race with your equals. The earlier you cross the checkpoint, the more points you’ll garner
  •  Traffic Mode. This is for you if you want a realistic experience. You must follow all traffic rules to keep racing

Tips for Winning the Race

When racing, you should be careful not to crush your car since it may cost you lots of money to repair it. Your survival rate will be determined by your speed and your discipline on the roads.

Always follow traffic rules and keep accelerating to beat your competitors in all aspects.

Graphics and Sound Systems

The game has one of the best graphics in the racing industry. You’ll be at pains to deny the magnificence of the background buildings, roads, rivers, pedestrians, and other unique features.

Also, the sound system is superb!

Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK 5.1.1

The modified version offers more features that will certainly make playing more enjoyable. You will have unlimited money to modify your car for optimum performance.

MOD Features

  •  Full HUD including revs, speed, and gear
  •  Real physics
  •  Simple control
  •  Better lighting system
  •  Crush special effects


If you’ve not experienced the extraordinary features of Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK 5.1.1, then you’re missing the real racing action! Download it to enjoy unmatched benefits.

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