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State of Survival APK Mod

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Author KingsGroup Holdings
Category Strategy
Version 0.9.1
File Size 98M
Os 4.1
Updated 29-04-2020

Download State of Survival MOD APK free and save your people from dangerous zombies and monsters. You must build a sturdy city that’ll withstand attacks.

Amusing Background for the State of Survival

This game is set in a world that has been invaded by zombies. It’s now six months since the apocalypse began and people are losing hope fast.

It has been a long time of terror and suffering, and there is a high possibility of zombies’ dominance which would wipe out the human race altogether.

You are among the lucky survivors, and you’re tasked with fighting the creatures. You team up with your friends to build a strong city that’ll survive every attack by the zombies.

Are you up to the task? Download State of Survival for Android and test your perseverance as you fight the resilient zombies!

An Interesting Gameplay

When you join this game, you’ll encounter a wave of desperation among the populace. The zombie virus is infecting people quickly, and many have perished. You’ll be among the few survivors!

As such, you must devise methods to ensure that you create a state of survival—do everything within your power to ensure that the survivors are safe.

To achieve this, you’ll gather as many resources as you can to build a city that can survive attacks by zombies and monsters. Recruit friends to form a formidable army that will easily win the battle against the enemies.

Also, you must acquire superior weapons, such as sniper guns, to shoot the enemy and exterminate them before they wreak havoc in your region. However, you’ll face a challenge of scarcity of resources!

If you want to circumnavigate this, you must be apt to collect numerous resources amid the crisis. As you get the treasures, ensure that you upgrade your weaponry to increase your chances of annihilating the enemy.

Thrilling Activities in the State of Survival

  • Rebuild. You must endeavour to rebuild a safe settlement for your people
  • Rescue. Save as many people as you can from the wrath of the monsters and the zombies
  • Research. The zombies’ virus is mutating fast, and you need research-oriented people to stop the spread
  • Team Work. You should make allies and form effective partnerships to survive the difficult times.

 Amazing Graphics and Sound Systems

State Survival has superb 3D graphics with incredible lightings which enliven your gameplay. Also, you’ll enjoy highly immersive sound systems that’ll keep you glued to your screen for long.

State Of Survival Mod Apk Download

If you want better gaming experience for free, then you should download the state of survival apk mod. This improved game comes with superior features that’ll undoubtedly improve your gameplay. These unique characteristics include:

  • Unlimited Weapons
  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
  • Unlocked Gameplay


State Of Survival Mod Apk Free is everything you need if you’d like adventurous yet thrilling gaming experience. It has easy controls and superbly accessible user interface.

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