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Top 4 Tips for Playing Pokemon Go — For Amateur and Professional Players

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Pokemon Go is quite simple, fun, and exciting to play. All you need is to know the basics — walking, catching Pokemon, visiting the PokeStops, and performing other fundamental actions.

The basic moves are quite easy to master, but if you want to reach level 40, conquer over a thousand raids, complete your regional Pokédex, and accomplish more great things in the game, you’d need to be familiar with lots of pro moves and be able to perform some incredible actions.

Here are four tips to help you become a Pokemon Go master.

1. AR Mode — Turn it off

The AR mode is pretty cool, and it makes it more exciting to play the game. The excitement comes with great sacrifice — it reduces battery life.

The AR mode drains the battery life, and it’s not supported by some phones.

Playing the Pokemon Go without the AR mode is also exciting and much more comfortable. Catching Pokemon is quite easy to do when the AR mode is off.

You can turn off the AR mode when you meet a wild Pokemon. When a wild Pokemon is on sight, tap the AR slider which is found at the top right hand of the screen.

When the slider is tapped, the creature moves to the display center where you can easily take it by throwing a ball or two.

Therefore, if you want to catch more Pokemon, claim more fabulous prizes, and effortlessly navigate through the game environment, then you’ve got to turn off the AR mode.

2. Get more luck by using the lucky eggs wisely

If you’re fortunate, you may find yourself with some lucky eggs.

When in possession with these precious lucky eggs, use them wisely — don’t waste it!

For the newbies, lucky eggs double your XP. XP can be the magic factor that lets you accomplish more things in Pokemon Go.

With lucky eggs, your XP doubles for thirty minutes. That’s lots of time to get things done in Pokemon Go.

When you attain level 8, you’ll be picking up some lucky eggs during gameplay.

If you’ve got some lucky eggs, here are a couple of things to do…

Use it when you’re in a busy place — places where you’d catch and hatch lots of Pokemon.

Also, you should use it when there are loads of gyms to battle and win.

Ideally, you should use the lucky eggs in town center sessions that get you the most XP return.

3. Use the Gyms

Gyms are where the good stuff is, and you get to earn more juicy benefits.

In the gyms, you get to train and test your Pokemon by engaging in thrilling battles.

If you’re in a friendly gym, you will get the chance to train your Pokemon.

Rival gyms are quite different — you only battle opposing teams there. And if you’re up for it, you can fight, conquer, and take over the gym for your team.

Conquering and taking over a gym is quite easy — all you’ve got to do is fight rival Pokemon until the gym’s motivation drops. To do this, you’ve got to drop the motivation level of every Pokemon to zero.

Conquering rival gym is quite tricky — but the benefits are cool.

Furthermore, you can gain up to fifty coins per day when you defend a gym.

Defending a friendly gym is pretty straightforward — it’s done by leaving your Pokemon in the spare slot.

4. Travel far and search for special events

This may be quite difficult for some players, but traveling to many places would help you capture various types of Pokemon — even the rare types.

Here’s the thing; most times, your home town would be dominated by a specific type of Pokemon, but traveling out allows you to see other types.

Also, you can take advantage of special events to capture rare forms of Pokemon.

Nowadays, special events are frequent, and if properly taken advantage of, you’d use it to capture a large variety of Pokemon.

Conclusion — Become a Pokemon Pro

Becoming a pro in Pokemon is quite easy — all you need to do is apply these tips to boost your XP, capture more Pokemon, and conquer more places in the game.

You need to turn off the AR mode, use your lucky eggs wisely, create time for the gym, travel far, and take advantage of the special events.

What cool trick have you used in Pokemon?

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