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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: A magical AR experience

by Laura Jackson

There’s an age-old debate. One that’s plagued millennials for close to 2 decades.

Would you rather live in a world of Pokémon or witchcraft and wizardry?

Well, finally you can decide for yourself thanks to the release of new augmented reality game Harry Potter Wizards Unite. It’s been anticipated for quite a while now but is finally available in selected countries.

So, what’s it all about?

Well, we can’t forget the mayhem that ensued with the release of Pokémon Go, the AR game that brought the magical little creatures into our world. Players would take to the streets en masse to capture the latest Pokémon, and if it led you into a river or the back kitchen of a greasy kebab shop at 2am, that’s what needed to be done.

The premise of Harry Potter Wizards Unite is similar. Wizards, witches and other dark forces from the Harry Potter universe have entered the world of muggles, and it’s your job to cast them out, keeping them hidden from the fragile little minds of humans.

But, it’s safe to say Harry Potter Wizards Unite does augmented reality a whole lot better.

Take a glance around you in the game and you’ll see owls delivering mail, inns with smoking chimneys and magical items popping up left right and centre. It’s best described as how Harry himself would have felt upon first discovering he was a wizard.

The game feels incredibly immersive and for the most part there’s just so much more to do.

Here’s our favourite bits that trump Pokémon Go in every way.

Magical map

The map in Wizards Unite is alive with owls, paper planes, inns and general magical scenery that make it immensely exciting to navigate. There’s so much going on that you can’t help but feel stimulated and excited, especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan.

Overall the map is much more cinematic, but whether you prefer this or not will be based on personal preference.

More interaction than ever

With literally so much to do, Harry Potter Wizards Unites level of interactive elements is hard to believe at first. Find an inn on the map and stop over, you’ll be whisked up into an augmented reality room to grab a meal and replenish your energy.

But what’s more, plates and cutlery float around as if you’re right there in a world of magical things beyond comprehension. Overall there are a lot of structures on the map to engage with, making it feel more diverse and realistic.

Vast variety and challenging gameplay

When comparing it to Pokémon Go (we have to), Wizards Unite is far more detailed and comprehensive, especially in terms of your overall objective. One requires you to simply catch Pokémon, and the other sees you explore, talk to characters, cast spells, fight dementors, and fight with other players to help contain dark forces.

There’s just way more to it than tossing pokeballs repetitively day after day.

And beyond all these points mentioned, the AR technology used in Harry Potter Wizards Unite is truly a step above, with the creators clearly improving on so many aspects to make for a richer, more realistic experience.

Because if you’re going to introduce the magic of Harry Potter into the real world, you gotta do it right.

It’s particularly exciting to be finally be witnessing augmented and virtual reality advance to the point where we can interact with worlds once only accessible through movies and books.

We highly recommend checking this one out. Just don’t forget, it’s leviOsa, not levioSA.

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