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Top Tips and Tricks for Playing Pokémon Quest on Android

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Is there a franchise that has brought more joy to the world than Pokémon? We think not! Everyone’s favorite anime animals are now available in pixelated block form for you to enjoy in the palm of your hand. You don’t need an internet connection to play Pokémon Quest apk – simply download it from the Play Store for free and use it anywhere, anytime.

What is Pokémon Quest?

Pokémon Quest is a pretty simple game that doesn’t require much attention. For the most part, you’re exploring Tumblecube Island in order to find Pokémon to battle with. It’s not one on one though, instead, you’ll have three Pokémon who will run around attacking every other Pokémon they see. Eventually, you’ll bump into the boss Pokémon of that part of the island, then you’ll fight him (or her).

The game’s graphics resemble that of Minecraft and there’s certainly a familiar sense of simplicity and casual gameplay present in Pokémon Quest. This is an ideal game to play when you’re bored – it’s also quite addictive.

When you’re not on a Pokémon death quest around the block-island, you’ll be cooking up meals in your camp to attract new Pokémon. This is how you capture new Pokémon – you lure them into your camp with food and then they love you forever, sort of like how marriage is meant to work.

The idea of the game is explore the whole island and find all the secrets and Pokémon within it, while also clearing it of all wild Pokémon. Cos, why not…

Top Tips for Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest is a simple game, but that doesn’t mean that some tips are worth reading up on. Read through our top tips carefully and you’ll have a much easier time attracting the best Pokémon to your camp and fighting with them.

ALWAYS COOK: Like in Breaking Bad, you should never not be cooking. Pokémon are lured to your camp by the food you cook and the better the Pokémon you want to attract, the more impressive the meal you’ll have to prepare. This means that you’ll have to spend several turns making food while your Pokémon are out on expedition, so make sure to leave the oven on!

FLEE WHEN NECESSARY: Your Pokémon will automatically attack literally every other Pokémon they come across, but sometimes you can press the scatter button to have them run off for a couple of seconds. This is an effective technique to use when you’re being attacked by an enemy’s special attack as it stops your Pokémon from being directly hit.

JUST GIVE THEM ONE SPECIAL: You can outfit each of your Pokémon with two special attacks, but seeing as you usually end up having them on auto-attack, it can be better to just give them one attack so that they don’t keep using a less effective one. Just find the strongest attack and give them that to use – this way they’ll keep using it and be more effective.

LEVEL UP: You can repeat stages to level up your Pokémon and train them more before confronting harder bosses. This is recommended to ensure they don’t get too beaten down.

RESEARCH RECIPES: You can Google “Pokémon Quest Recipes” to find full lists of every recipe and what kind of Pokémon it attracts. Different recipes draw in different kinds of Pokémon and there are way too many combinations to remember or to list here. Give it a try to ensure you’re getting the best Pokémon early on in the game.

HAVE A SUPPORT POKEMON: Always have at least one Pokémon that can give healing or other special abilities to the rest of your team. They usually don’t have a good attack, but they’ll make your team way stronger as a whole.

USE POWER STONES: Always make sure you equip your Pokémon with the right power stones to suit them. Try to combine these with bonuses from a support Pokémon for max effect.

ENJOY! Most important of all, remember to have fun! Good luck!

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