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5 Tips To Turn Your Android Device Into A Productivity Powerhouse

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Make some of the easy adjustments so that your Android device becomes a productive machine keeping you on the right track of business without any distraction. It is time to be productive to stay ahead in the rat race.

With Android being used as the operating system almost by all digital devices like the smartphones, e-book readers, or the tablet PC’s; it has become a platform for many businesses to optimize productivity. However, without much knowledge what goes on behind the running of the Android many people compromise the potential of the smart Android device and gathers the junk like the ineffective home screens, the standard keyboards, and many others. Here are some five essential tips that can turn the Android device a gizmo to get the best benefits.

The Tricks To Getting The Best Benefits

1. Optimization Of The Home Screen

The home screen optimization is the simplest yet impactful trick of the Android device so that the effectiveness improves. The home screen is the one that one can view while unlocking the device and it is the launch pad of all activities that can be done. Cluttering the home screen delays the activities of the apps that are most needed to get the works done effectively. The mess on the home screen needs to be cleared, and only apps and widgets that are frequently used should be placed removing the others. It not only readies the home screen in short time but also cuts down the search time enabling one to access the right apps, messages or emails without delay and to take prompt action without any time lag.

2. Using Gboard For Typing

In this age of breakneck competition, one needs to speed up the typing capability and for that using Gboard is the best. One can feel the difference in productivity typing using it that otherwise is quiet gibberish and do not have shortcuts. One can slide the fingers on the desired alphabet or the numbers to place it on the screen instead of typing or can use the prompts to complete the words. The cursor can be smoothly placed in the right position using the control panel touch-buttons. One can search anything in Google using the Gboard without opening Chrome, and that saves considerable time.

3. Using The Reminders

In today’s fast-paced world, it is difficult to remember all the schedules of business and to be productive one need to address the right issues at the right time. Gone are the days of maintaining the planner on hard copies. The reminders in the Android devices with the help of Google Assistant are the perfect tool to use to get reminders and do the needful. One can type or speak in any search box of the phone, tablet PC running on Android and set the reminders, and the smart device will not fail to do so at the required time.

4. Managing The Notifications

With the devices getting intelligent running on Android, there are some hazards, too, and that can be easily controlled. One of them is getting notifications. It is best to go through the list of notifications for some time and disable or block many unwanted notifications. Even notifications coming through emails can be controlled using the method, and emails can be set on a priority basis to get notifications from specific senders and block others.

5. Use The Toggling Option

Efficiency and productivity depend on time. While using Android, it is best to toggle between the required apps and save time. All the latest version of Android has this option, and if your device does not have it, then it is best to upgrade the software version.


With the above few tips and tricks, one can transform the Android device as a business tool efficiently and effectively increase productivity. The simple tips and tricks can change your world completely, and that can be felt in the revenue charts.

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