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How Apple continues to beat Google in this number game

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Google may be the most visited website in the world, but we all know that money makes the world move, and in that case, Apple has been continually far ahead of its biggest competitor. Apple’s app store’s revenue is increasing by a higher margin with every passing year and reaching new heights.

An Apple a Day, Beats Google Every Day!

The Growing Gap

Apple and Google, both, the tech Giants has been dominating the world as the fall in the 4 of the leading tech companies in the world that has been influential and has a far-reaching impact in our lives. Sensor Tower, which is a free market analysis company, has recently found out in of its projects based on the statistics of the 100 top publishers on both Google as well as Apple. The findings brought out a stark difference.

The Difference In Revenue

The Google side was far behind Apple’s IOS that, too, by a difference of 65%. This is a considerable gap, and this means millions of dollars worth of business. The Google play store may seem to be the most popular option because it is a well-known fact that Apple’s iPhone is not for all. To get the latest model of an iPhone, one has to be ready to dish out quite an amount. The number of Android phones in the market and usage may be of the far greater number almost as high as 85 percent of all phones, but in reality but the IOS apps have been making far more money than its rival the Google play store. If we take the cumulative amount that would require the companies top hundred apps has made in the first quarter of this year, then we find out that it is a whopping average of 130.4 million US dollars. Apple’s top 100 apps have made the company an average of 83.4 million US dollars while on the Google Android side, the company only made about 51 million dollars. This is a stark difference.

Gaming vs. Non-Gaming Apps

The difference between these two companies and their apps stores can be easily compared if we check the difference between the gaming apps and the non-gaming apps that are being downloaded from each of the platforms. It has been found out that the gap between Apple and Google is not so much when just looking at gaming apps. Gaming apps does not give Apple that huge margin which Apple enjoy is over Google. Apple’s iOS has revenue of about 64 million dollars when taking into consideration its top 100 gaming apps while the top 100 gaming apps that are downloaded from Google play store brings about revenue of 42 million dollars. Here the difference is only about 48%. Now if we take into consideration the non-gaming app, the difference suddenly becomes huge. 232% is a huge number and we can only guess that the amount that is being spent by iOS users on purchasing apps from the Apple app store is a far greater number.

What Is The Probable Cause Of This Vast Difference?

Even though the number of phones powered by Android is of the far greater number than the ones having iOS, the apps that are being downloaded from the Apple store is bringing in greater money. This reason is due to the phones having Android is marketed towards all. Budget phones are also found, which is powered by Android. These phones are extremely popular and will contain most of the features that costly Android phone has as far as the software is concerned. Such patrons will not pay extra money to purchase apps and would like to use the free versions. The people who buy Apple phones are already paying a considerable amount to get a hold of their phone, so they might as well get useful apps to run on their phones by purchasing them. This creates the gap and sustains it even both the company’s profits have been increasing with every passing year.

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