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How Much Does Google Know?

by Laura Jackson

Google knows a lot of things about many people who use their platform ranging from one time users to every time users. Equipped with state of the art technology, Google has variety of information about many people all around the globe. This can include information about yourself, your likes and dislikes, valuable files and documents and lots more.

Below are some of the things Google knows about you:

  1. Google knows who you are

Apart from some basic, foundational information like your name, age, language that Google knows about you, they employ sophisticated technology to know who you really are. If you are fond of using Google Photos, you can be sure that Google knows that you look like and probably knows your voice as a result of voice recording used in their products or other third party apps you have given permission to.

The information in your search history gives them a picture of who you are: your religion, your political belief, your likes and dislikes, your ambitions and even your thoughts. If you are using Google Fit, you can rest assured that Google knows when you are ill or healthy.

  1. Google Knows your Location

If you are fond of carrying your phone everywhere you go, or you sync it with other devices, in as much as there is internet connection, Google knows your location. If you use Google Maps or Waze,

Google can know where you are at a particular time, for how long and other places you are going. This implies that Google has the ability to know where you live and work.

  1. Your Friends

If you think Google only knows about you, think again. Google knows who you talk to, your contacts, the emails on your phone and phone numbers in Google Hangouts, Gmail and your Android phone. With the aid of Google Calendar, you make it easy to know who you are meeting, the time and even venue of the meeting.

In as much as you use Google Drive, Google knows the type of information you have on your device.

  1. Your Likes and Dislikes

The algorithm picks up little bits of information about you whenever you input a search word on Google Search. With time, you will notice that some ads just pop up and most of the time, they are as a result of the combination of things the algorithm has learnt from your search.

Whenever you purchase a product online or watch a video, the algorithm learns something new about you.

  1. Your Next Move

Google has information about your next move or whatever you are planning to do in the future. Your search history is all Google needs to know about your next plan. Planning to travel abroad? Planning to move to a new city or town? Planning to buy a new car or house? Planning to go to college? If you have searched for anything on Google or YouTube, Google knows about it.

  1. Google knows more than you think

Google Chrome has all the history of things you have ever searched for, the websites you have visited or the pages you have bookmarked, the apps you have downloaded, every email address or phone number you have set to auto-fill in Chrome, your username and passwords that you have asked Chrome to save and lots more. All the history of videos you have watched on YouTube and every ad you have clicked on, even passwords you have used are all available on Google Chrome logs.

All this information is collected through the Google websites and apps that many people use every day.


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