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Huawei Honor 9X & 9X Pro ahead of launch rumors

by Laura Jackson

July 23 is the date. It’s the day Huawei Honor 9X, and 9X Pro will launch in China. Ahead of the much-awaited launch, Honor 9X Pro has been listed on e-commerce site, V-Mall and is ready for pre-orders.

The site has confirmed that the latest Honor series will feature a pop camera, which seems to be the new thing. It also confirmed that they would be running on Kirin 810, Huawei’s own processor. Earlier on, the Chinese tech giant teased the flagship with dual gradient design and triple camera setup.

Elsewhere, rumors have it that Honor 9X series will feature an LCD display measuring 6.5-inches for Honor 9X while 9X Pro will feature a 6.7-inches. All the devices will have a Full HD+ display resolution. We expect that the phones will feature USB-C charging ports unlike the predecessor, 8X and 8X Max, which sported the outdated Micro-USB ports. The phones will be just like the other top-notch phones. It will present a brilliant camera, exceptional configuration, more than enough storage, and a terrific battery.

Specs and Features


Honor 9X and Honor 9X Pro are expected to succeed Honor 8X and 8X Max which had colorful gradients that will be proceeded to the 9X series. The series will also have the rear fingerprint sensor and considering that Honor 9X is mid-range. However, we won’t be surprised if 9X Pro comes with an in-display sensor.

The phones will also sport a bezel-less screen, now that the selfie camera will be a pop-up.  What’s more, just like Huawei P30 series, it will come with a glass back. However, there will be a small chin bezel under the screen. The 9X Pro will be launched with a Purple gradient.


Huawei’s first phone to feature a pop-up camera was Huawei Y9 Pro 2019, and latest Honor series are taking that path too. Honor 9X and 9X Pro will come equipped with 16MP front pop-up cameras to capture some of your best memories.

The rear unit of 9X Pro will feature a 48MP, an 8MP and 2MP triple camera while the 9X will have a 24MP instead of 48MP, but the rest of the camera features will be the same for both devices. The phones will also feature dedicated light sensors to help them capture more light in dark conditions for better results.


Honor 9X and 9X Pro are expected to feature Kirin 810 and 980 chipsets, respectively. Huawei’s EMUI alongside Android Pie will power the phones. It’s not clear whether the Android version will be updatable to Android Q.

Honor 9X series will operate on 6GB of RAM with an option of you digging deeper in your pocket for one with 8GB RAM. They will also come with 128GB internal storage and up to 256GB depending on the price.


Honor 9X will have a 3,750mAh battery while Honor 9X Pro will feature a 4,000mAh battery under the hood. Both devices will support 22.5W of fast charging. They will also have the Ultra Power Saving mode to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of juice.

The mode will change your screen to a black and white and shut down all unnecessary features and activity to reduce battery consumption.

Price and Availability

The phones will retail in the US after President Trump went easy on Huawei. The phone will also launch in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Honor 9X Pro will sell between $279 and $399 depending on the storage and RAM. Honor 9X will likely be cheaper.


If you have used a Huawei Honor, you are probably aware of what the phone offers, and you can expect more with Honor 9X and 9X Pro. What are your expectations with the upcoming Huawei Honor?

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