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Social Face-off: Facebook vs. Twitter

by Laura Jackson

Facebook and Twitter are undoubtedly one of the two most popular social networking sites today. There have been many debates online and in the real world on which is the best.

In this article, we’re going to settle it once and for all. Here’s our ultimate social face-off: Facebook vs. Twitter!

How Facebook and Twitter came to be

Before we look at the two website’s numbers and influence today, let’s look at how they came to be first. After this, we’ll compare the numbers and influence both sites have worldwide. Let’s begin!

Facebook – When we say Facebook, almost everyone especially millennials remembers the Harvard dropout and now very successful technopreneur – Mark Zuckerberg. But did you know that Facebook was actually called FaceMash when it was first released in 2003? Later on, they changed it to TheFacebook which is not far from what we know today.

Facebook was originally intended as a game, rating Harvard students against each other and deciding if they’re hot or not. Thankfully, they realized that the website had a lot more potential than just a rating machine.

Twitter – Twitter was created and launched by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams back in 2006. Twitter is a news and social networking service designed to let users interact using “tweets” that were originally restricted to only 140 characters. However, they doubled this number to 280 in 2017.

Twitter is known as “the SMS of the internet”. Both Facebook and Twitter are social networking sites but let’s dig deeper into their similarities and differences in the next section.

Differences and similarities of Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter may seem like two similar sites for the uninitiated. But, they’re much more than that.

Here are their differences and similarities:

  • Facebook is used for networking people while Twitter is for networking ideas and topics.
  • Facebook allows users to post any texts and pictures. The same goes for Twitter, however, there is a 280-character limit per post (tweet).
  • You can search for people, pages, topics, businesses and more on both sites.
  • You can add friends on Facebook while you can follow people on Twitter.
  • Facebook has a lot more features and options than Twitter.
  • Both networking sites are capable of customization for their users’ profile.

Number of users and popularity

 Obviously, both social networking sites are popular, but how much? What exactly is the number of users for both and the demographics? Here are the numbers for the users of Facebook vs. Twitter:

Facebook has 2.38 Billion + active monthly users worldwide. On the other hand, Twitter has 330 million monthly active users. Just from the numbers alone, we can infer that Facebook is more popular. This is true considering that many people only have one social networking account which is Facebook. Most Twitter users have Facebook accounts as well as Instagram.

For the demographics of Facebook, 74% are female and 62% are male. 88% of these users are aged 13-17.

As for Twitter, 24% are female and 23% are male. 40% of all Twitter users are aged 18-29.

In the contest of popularity for Facebook vs Twitter, Facebook wins by a landslide.  However, we can see that most Facebook users are underaged. While 40% of users on Twitter are in their twenties which has a lot of impact on business.

Facebook or Twitter for your business?

Speaking of business, since most businesses today are migrating online, which platform is the best for your brand?

When it comes to this topic, Facebook and Twitter offer a lot of features. Obviously, Facebook has a lot more users but Twitter does not fall short. In fact, these two networking sites are the top choices for most businesses’ marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which site to focus your marketing efforts on. Choose which platform is best for you and don’t be swayed by just numbers. Some businesses do well on Facebook and others on Twitter. It’s just a matter of research.


That’s our ultimate Social Face-off: Facebook vs. Twitter. As we have learned, the two networking sites have differences and similarities. They have their own purpose and demographic. Choosing which site is the best is up to the person who will use it to decide.

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