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The Update Of YouTube Homepage Gives Users A Control On Recommendations

by Steve Longfields

YouTube is the only video platform boasting a largest number of users, and the users have been complaining for long time about its algorithms and how it messed up their YouTube feed.


Many a time YouTube feed to find random videos which are at all related to anything you watch on YouTube. Like YouTube may suggest you black pink’s Kill this love video which may appeal to k-pop fans but not someone who does not even watch anything related to Korea. This would seem as absurd to you, as to an American who sees the Aankh Marry video song in their recommendations.

The complaints until now had been falling on deaf ears. Essam El-Dardiry, YouTube’s product manager, unveiled the latest developments and add-ons that the team is working on. The video sharing platform is going to add features to make the recommendations better and finding new content easier. The developers have finally decided to set the algorithm right. You are finally in control of the contents in your feed.

What Is New In The Update?

In the new version, you decide the videos that are going to show up on your YouTube homepage. You can block a video from any channel to appear on your feed. There is a three dot button feature below every video. If you tap on that button, you see the option Do not recommend channel. Tap on it, and done. The video will never appear on your recommendation feed.

But, if the video is trending worldwide or in your country, it will still show up irrespective of your settings. Also, if you have subscribed to that particular channel, the video will still show up in your feed.

If you search for that video or happen to visit that YouTube channel often, tapping the Do not recommend button will not keep the video off your recommendation section.

This goes without saying that this featured will reduce the irrelevant video recommendations on your feed. But, still, not every algorithm is foolproof. If you still find some unrelated video on your YouTube recommendation section, it will come with an explanatory card. All your video recommendations will come with an explanatory card. YouTube will answer all your “What the hell is this doing on my feed?”

Discovering new content will be much easier with the quick access button on the app. This button has been placed strategically below very video. This button takes you to the personalized recommendation section that is based on your viewing activity.

Last but not the least, YouTube is also adding a new button which is best described as elongated pill-shaped at the very top of your homepage. You will also find the button on the up next section as well.

When Will The New Update Roll Out?

Although the exact date is not known, it is estimated that it will roll out pretty soon. The do not recommend feature has already been made available for the iOS and Android YouTube app. The update will soon be available for the desktop version.

The new content discovery feature has already been made available for the Android YouTube app and is yet to be released for the desktop and iOS YouTube app. India is yet to receive all the latest updates, so it will be some time before Indians get the latest YouTube app on their phone.

Please bear in mind that right now the explanatory cards are only available in English, but YouTube has maintained that it will add more languages in the future.

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