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Will Google Stadia be a console replacement?

by Laura Jackson

Google Stadia is the next monthly subscription based platform that is set to take over the world. Google claims that the Google Stadia will allow you to play 4K games on your TV without a console.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is Google’s big attempt to move into the market of gaming. It is basically a “Netflix for games.” It is a streaming platform that allows you to stream and play your games straight from Google’s cloud.

Google Stadia is not the first of its kind, with the likes of GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, and even Microsoft’s xCloud, but Google Stadia has the potential to become the best. Google already has the infrastructure and the technology to succeed, they just need to implement it correctly and hope that people open their hearts to the new technology.

How Google Stadia Works?

All you need to play games is the recent version of Google Chrome and a stable and fast internet connection. You also obviously need to be subscribed to Google Stadia. Launching a game is very simple, simply opening your browser and going to Stadia.com. You will be prompted to start a connection test that will check your bandwidth, latency and data loss. Google requires a minimum streaming rate of 15Mbps, below 40ms and below 5% data loss. If your internet connection meets these requirements then you should be good to go.

Right now Google Stadia is in the beta testing phase and only offers Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and it launches as if you were playing the game straight from your device. It goes into full screen and you can play using a mouse and keyboard, a supported controller, or Google’s Stadia controller. You have a variety of options and can play using what you are comfortable with.

Pricing, Official Release Date and Availability

The Google Stadia platform has been announced to be released in November of 2019. It will launch supporting a few different titles you can choose from. Google claims that they will add more titles as time goes on. At launch, Google Stadia will be available in US, UK, Canada and some parts of Europe, and will offer support for other countries and regions in the future.

The pricing of Google Stadia is relatively cheap, only at $9.99 per month for the Stadia Pro, allowing you to play any available game at up to 4K HDR or you can also choose to buy games ala carte with the Stadia Base. Both the Stadia Pro and Stadia Base are viable options if you have a stable enough internet connection.

Overall, the Google Stadia platform is looking like the next generation console competitor. It performs better than consoles and has a ton more flexibility because you can basically access it using just a Google Chrome capable device. Google Stadia is compatible with TVs, laptops/computers and even Pixel phones giving you a ton of variety and options.

With that being said, I don’t think that Google Stadia will be replacing consoles any time soon, especially on a worldwide scale. Not everyone has a powerful enough internet connection to be able to use Google Stadia, not everyone is open to subscription based platforms, and not everyone is open to adapting new technology quickly. Right now, consoles just give you a better and more reliable way to play your games, they also have a lot more variety and options to choose from. Google Stadia has a long way to go before being the popular platform to play games.

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