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Five Best Browsers for Windows 10 – Compare Speed, Privacy, Usage

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How much time do you realistically spend online each day? It’s a very difficult question to answer for most people. When you include your phone into the mix, the amount of time is probably much higher than you think. But most of the time while we’re online we don’t consider that our data is constantly being tracked, logged, and sold to third-parties – and this is just the beginning of the problem.

On top of data tracking, some of us are using browsers that are much slower than optimal. Many of us are also wasting bandwidth – and loading time – by having to load ads constantly. There are many issues with modern web browsers and a lot of these can be solved by installing add-ons to your current browser, or switching to a new one altogether.

In this post, we’ll go over the top 5 web browsers for Windows 10 and why we think that you should use them.

The Best Web Browsers for Windows 10

For Windows 10, there are a number of different browsers available. Many of these give you exclusive features and many of them make your life much more private.

To thoroughly review a web browser, you must take into consideration the speed, usability, interface, privacy, security, and compatibility of the browser. Other features like ad blockers, inbuilt flash support, and so on can also be considered.

Mozilla Firefox

First on our list is the beloved Firefox browser. The main competitor of Chrome, users love the privacy protection and support for add-ons that Firefox provides. Since the Firefox Quantum upgrade in 2018, the browser has supported speeds as fast as Chrome – something which Firefox was previously notorious for lacking.

Mozilla is a non-profit company, meaning that there is no benefit for them to sell your data. This has made the browser much more privacy and security focused than others on the market. It allows you to block tracking requests from websites, browse in incognito mode, and regularly updates to provide even more security.

The browser now features a separate version specially for browsing the web in virtual reality. Try Firefox Quantum if you’re looking for a fast, private and compatible browser for Windows 10. It’s also worth noting that Firefox Quantum does a great job at preserving RAM meaning your computer can run it alongside other tasks without burning out – even when you have loads of tabs open.

Google Chrome

Realistically, we can’t not include Google Chrome on a list of best browsers. The world’s most popular web browser has earned its crown, with lightning fast speeds and tons of add-ons available. The browser also features full Google integration, making it very convenient for anyone who uses Gmail, Google Drive, or other products from the tech giant.

With the full power of one of the world’s leading tech companies, Google is at no shortage when it comes to money for investing in upgrades. This means that the Chrome browser will always sport the latest in security, privacy, and compatibility options. The browser is regularly updated to meet the newest online threats head-on, so that you can browse in confidence, knowing that you’re safe.

Google Chrome allows for extensive add-on support. You can install ad blockers, ad tracker blockers, HTTPS upgrades, customization add-ons, and more. Chrome allows you to make the browser your own to some degree by changing the theme and installing your favorite entertainment add-ons. It’s also the only browser that can install Grammarly – a clever add-on which corrects your grammar and spelling.

Try Google Chrome if you want something quick, easy-to-use, and that can easily connect and integrate your Google account.

Brave Browser

Brave are new kids on the block. Since launching their web browser in 2016, the company has gained a loyal following thanks to its built-in ad blocker and its sleek and modern design. The browser is based off of Chrome and can install many of the same add-ons, giving it a lot of compatibility compared to other browsers.

Brave completely blocks all ads and ad trackers on the web. While other browsers allow you to install an ad blocker, this isn’t as effective as what Brave does, which is go into the code of the website and remove the ads at the source. Many websites now don’t allow you to view their content if you have an ad blocker installed, so Brave’s method proves much more effective and bypasses this problem.

The Brave browser also blocks ad trackers so your data is never being collected and sold to third-parties. In terms of privacy, it’s one of the best out there. In private browsing mode, for example, users to access the Tor network which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to see what you’re doing.

The company also has a cryptocurrency token which users can collect through allowing certain ads and then can use to reward content creators or purchase gift certificates and so on. It’s a pay-to-surf business model that aims to reward users for using the browser and reward content creators.

Microsoft Edge

Far from being that irritating default browser that was Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge is a revamped upgrade that takes the company’s browser into the future. It’s an exclusive feature of Windows 10 and is the default browser for any device running the operating system.

Microsoft have gone lengths to ensure the Edge is one of the fastest browsers on the market while not consuming much RAM – a problem that Google Chrome users often report. The browser also integrates several Windows 10 features, such as Cortana and it has removed the browser from the rest of the operating system to do away with internal security breaches that were a problem with Internet Explorer.

Edge is fast, nice to use, and comes with a great reading mode that is built-in to the browser itself. One downside is that you can’t get it on any version of Windows before version 10, and certain older websites don’t run well on the browser.

Tor – The Onion Router

Many of you probably know about Tor – and maybe some of you don’t. The notorious browser is required to access the ‘deep-web’ also known as the ‘dark web’. These are websites that aren’t usually available on a regular browser but can be found on Tor. It’s essentially the internet but without any restrictions. These websites were used to sell drugs, weapons, and mask criminal activity.

That being said, the Tor Browser isn’t all about buying illegal things. It’s the most private browser you can use and is considered by many to be even more effective at scrambling your location and identity than using a VPN.

It works by taking your requests online and sending them to various nodes around the world – these are people who run the browser so there are literally millions of them around the globe. You data is bounced between several of them before it reaches its destination meaning that if anyone tried to find out where it was coming from they’d have to peel back the layers of where your data went before. This is virtually impossible.

The one downside about Tor is that it is very slow due to the complex route your data takes. If you want something ultra-secure and ultra-private, then this is the browser for you.

The wrap-up

With one of the above mentioned browsers installed, you can enjoy the internet in a whole new way. Try them out and see which one works best for you. Enjoy!

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